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What makes Hidden Pearls so special!

Hijab Styling Guides

So what is Hijab? The word hijab in Arabic means ‘to cover’ and generally implies modesty. It also means partition or barrier. It is quite clear from the different meanings of this word of the intended usage of hijab that is a piece of clothing that would cover the beauty of person and act as barrier or partition between the sexes. Hijab is not exclusive to women contrary to the popular opinion. In fact Muslim men are asked to lower their gaze and this is their hijab.

In West especially in UK and France, that have a sizeable Muslim population, Hijab is used to refer to the Headscarf. This meaning is also common in few Muslim countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey & Egypt. An interesting but not relatively well known fact is there is a World Hijab Day! February 1st 2013, marked the first annual World Hijab Day (WHD) in recognition of millions of Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab and live a life of modesty.

OK! But Why Should I Shop From Hidden Pearls?

One of the most common review from our customers is that Hidden Pearls is one of the best hijabs online shop in UK. If you don’t believe us saying that, visit our Facebook page and check out our facebook reviews here and Google reviews here.

The idea of Hidden Pearls started very simple. I went to a hijab store in London and asked them to show me some headscarves. I was appalled to see that not only the headscarves were really cheap quality but very over-priced. Some of the hijabs being sold in many high street hijab shops in London for £5 are not even worth £1. The fabric of these hijabs is not durable, the colours pretty tacky, and the variety available to a stylish Muslimah who wants to follow her deen but at the same time be elegant and stylish are very limited. Most of the hijabs I saw in London shops had a cheap feel to them.

Our Hijab Stores Experience

Disappointed by these retail clothing shops, I decided to buy hijabs online. However this was also a disappointment. The hijab stores online were a similar story too. Although I have to admit the variety of colours and fabric available in most hijab shops online is much better than high street hijab stores, however they were extremely over-priced. Yes, some of them had cheap hijabs for ‘sale’, but then their quality reflected the price. On top of this, almost all of the hijabs stores in the online World had another massive problem i.e. their extortionate shipping costs! I am not talking about a quid or two here as is the case with most Amazon & EBay sellers but for some strange reason, most of these hijab shops had shipping costs of £4 and some even as high as £6! I really couldn’t understand the motives behind keeping postage costs so high other than to make profits on shipping as well.

Birth of Hidden Pearls

Out of these personal frustrations, the idea of Hidden Pearls was born. I discussed these problems with a friend of mine who had worked in the clothing industry for decades and as a result of non-stop work for several months, we were Alhamdulillah able to launch Hidden Pearls back in February of 2015.

Alhamdulillah it has been an amazing journey since then. It has not been easy by any means. It’s a lot of hard work actually, keeping the website running, making sure we have the stylish and most trendy hijabs for you, uploading hundreds of pictures for our customers to get that feel of holding the hijab by just looking at it, packaging & posting the orders but it is totally worth it when we see your lovely testimonials! We also have to travel a lot to make sure our prices are one of the cheapest in the online hijab market. Recently we have also started publishing some informative Islamic articles. Our most recent one is What Is Hijab. You can read our other articles here. If there are certain topics that you would like to read about, please let us know.

Last but not the least, it is you that keep us going. It is your comments, suggestions and lovely feedback that makes us happy at the end of a tiring day of work. JazakAllah khair for visiting our hijab store and showing confidence in us and please feel free to leave us a message either using our Contact Us page or our Facebook page. You can also Tweet us here and if you are an Instagrammer, you can follow us. We are also on Pinterest.


There are literally hundreds of styles of hijabs. By hijab we mean headscarf which is usually the accepted usage. However if we take hijab in a broader sense, it’s a complete concept of modesty and could easily accommodate loose clothing, Niqabs, Abayas and even concepts like lowering your gaze and voice in the presence of non-mahrams etc. Classification of headscarf is usually done on the basis of two factors:

1) Hijab Fabric & Design
2) Hijab Style

Again this is not an industry standard but generally speaking trendy hijabs can easily be divided into following loose categories on the basis of the above two factors:


Hijab Pins

There are literally hundreds of types of Hijab Pins. However we will only discuss the most commonly used ones.....read more