Chiffon Hijabs

Chiffon comes from the word ‘chiffe’ which is French for cloth. Chiffon just like Jersey is not a natural fabric itself but is a lightweight, plain-woven sheer fabric. Pure chiffon is very lightweight and see through. Early chiffons were exclusively made of silk however most chiffons these days are either made of cotton or synthetic fibres like nylon and polyester.

Pros & Cons Of Chiffon Hijabs

It is very difficult to say what is an advantage or disadvantage of a certain fabric or style because this is very subjective. It’s even more difficult for something like chiffon hijabs because chiffon itself is not a natural fibre but a weaving technique and could be composed of several natural and/or synthetic fibres. Also something that may be appealing to one person for a reason may be the exact reason why another person finds it uncomfortable. So we will list various defining attributes and characteristics of jersey hijabs for you to make the choice easier. Knowing these facts will help you narrow down what hijab styles and fabrics you should choose for which occasions.

  1. Chiffon hijabs are light. So if you are someone who gets a headache from heavy and bulky hijabs, chiffon hijabs may be the way to go.
  2. Chiffon hijabs are synonymous with elegance in the fashion World. So if you are wearing luxury garments, then either opt for chiffon or silk hijab with it.
  3. Chiffon (excluding polyester) hijabs can be dyed easily to almost any colour, so the variety available to chiffon hijab lovers is huge.
  4. Generally chiffon hijabs are easier to wash than many other hijab types.
  5. Chiffon hijabs are more economical than Silk or pure cotton hijabs.
  6. Chiffon hijabs attract static electricity.
  7. Chiffon hijabs can stain easily unlike some other hijabs.

When Should I Wear A Chiffon Hijab?

Chiffon hijabs can be used for everyday wear but they really shine as evening wear because they have an elegant and floating appearance. Chiffon hijabs however unlike jersey hijabs aren’t exactly the easiest to tie because of their light and slippery fabric so keep this in mind if you are short of time. Wearing an under-cap would be crucial to keeping this headscarf in place otherwise you may be chasing the hijab more than you would like to!


veryday Chiffon Hijab - Forest Green - Hidden Pearls

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