About Us We think of ourselves as a small batch business, starting in January 2019; the company is our little baby. We are selling great quality products to our customers without having the high end price attached to them. We all have our individual jobs ranging from software consultant to law graduates and what nots!  but we noticed that getting Hijabs was a problem beyond belief. Just trying to hit the shops we would be quoted with ridiculous prices, and for something that we wanted to wear everyday it seemed unfair that we should be paying that price. In 2014, we went to a shop in London and asked them to show some Hijabs. We were appalled to see that not only were the Hijabs really cheap quality but very over-priced. What was worse is that the fabric was not up to scratch and the colours pretty tacky, and the variety available to a trendy Muslim lady who wants to follow her deen but at the same time be elegant and stylish were very limited. Online Hijab experience  Disappointed by these retail clothing shops, we decided to buy Hijabs online. However this was also a letdown. Although to be fair, the variety of colours and fabric available in most hijab shops online was much better than high street hijab stores, however they were extremely over-priced. Yes, some of them had cheap hijabs for ‘sale’, but then their quality reflected the price. On top of this, almost all of the Hijab Stores in the online World had another massive problem: ridiculous shipping costs! We are not talking of a quid or two here as is the case with most Amazon & EBay sellers but for some strange reason, most of these hijab shops had shipping costs of £4 and some even as high as £6! We really couldn’t understand the motives behind keeping postage costs so high other than to make profits on shipping as well. Birth of Hidden Pearls Out of these personal frustrations, the idea of Hidden Pearls was born. After discussing these problems and liaising with a friend who worked in the clothing industry, we were alhamdulillah able to launch Hidden Pearls back in January of 2015. Alhamdulillah it has been an amazing journey since then. It has not been easy by any means. It’s been a lot of hard work, we:
  • Keep the website running
  • Make sure we have the stylish and most trendy hijabs for you
  • Uploading hundreds of pictures & descriptions weekly for our customers to get that feel of holding the hijab by just looking at it
  • Packaging & posting the orders
  • Striving to get relevant information and articles across to you
But it is totally worth it when we see your lovely testimonials. Don’t be mistaken, we are not blowing our own trumpet, promise. This is the most common review from our customers. If you don’t believe us, visit our Facebook page and check out our reviews, and on your way out leave a review as well! (cheeky right?) The goal for us now is to make this even a bigger success and to meet the demands that you feed back to us from around the World, and overtime inshallah we hope to see Hijab Pearls grow into a massive success. We also recently started Hijab diaries, blogging for your every day information, articles on subjects relevant to the Muslim world and well, some fun tidbits as well thrown in for extra flavour. Please feel free to contribute what you would like to see us writing about! Last but not the least, it is you that keeps us going. It is your comments, suggestions and lovely feedback that makes us happy at the end of a tiring day of work. JazakAllah khair for visiting our website and showing confidence in us and please feel free to leave us a message either using our Contact Us page or our Facebook page. You can also Tweet us here and if you are on Instagram, you can follow us on our Instagram channel.