Turkish Hijabs

Reasons Behind Turkish Hijab Style Popularity

The Turkish Hijab wave hit the new generation of Hijabis recently. Part of this popularity surged from political issues in Turkey. Turkey has been a country that had banned any form of hijab even the basic headscarf from all sectors of public life for decades. Even a girl wearing a headscarf was refused admission in university if she wore a headscarf! A parliamentarian who got elected in 90s wasn’t allowed to take oath because she wore a headscarf. So hijab was a very contentious between hardline secularists and islamic leaning politicans back in the day. Women were kicked out from hospitals, arrested from protests, denied entrance in universities and parliament simply because of cloth on their head. However after the successive election victories for AKP Turkey has slowly repealed all those hijab bans. Repression pretty much always results in people holding on to what they consider sacred and this is what exactly happened in Turkey that for lot of women in Turkey today, hijab is not a religious symbol but more of a political feminist symbol that they have the right to chose to wear what they want. 

The popularity of Turkish hijab style around the World is also due to the economy boom in Turkey during the past 10 years which has made it a very attractive tourist destination around the World. As soon as you step out of Istanbul or Ankara airport, you see loads of girls wearing beautiful printed, shining and colourful headscarves. 

Composition & Design of Turkish Hijabs

Turkish hijabs are usually made of satin or matte satin however some can be silk based hijabs. They are usually very shiny and reflective and this is what it gives them that distinctive look that you don’t usually get with other hijabs.

They are also usually much shorter in length than most of the other hijabs because they are mostly made of opaque satin. Most Turkish girls would also have a high volume bun underneath the scarf towards the back when they wear this scarf. Please note: This high volume bun is a matter of dispute among authentic islamic scholars, but is generally frowned upon (details).

Face Shape for Turkish Hijab Style

Turkish hijabs are suited to women with round faces than any other face type. as it will make it a bit elongated and more balanced.

Pros & Cons of Turkish Hijabs

It is very difficult to say what is an advantage or disadvantage of a certain fabric or style because this is very subjective. Something that may be appealing to one person for a reason may be the exact reason why another person finds it uncomfortable. So we will list various defining attributes and characteristics of Turkish hijabs in terms of fabric used as well as style for you to make the choice easier. Knowing these facts will help you narrow down what hijab styles and fabrics you should choose for which occasions.

  1. Turkish hijabs almost always are very colourful so in that sense they are good for making a fashion statement with their rich, glamorous presence. Like silk hijabs, these can be an excellent choice for parties and events.
  2. Just like silk hijabs, most Turkish hijabs have this unique sheen which make them the perfect choice for weddings and parties.
  3. One of the major defining characteristics of Turkish hijab is that they are small & often square in shape. So from a coverage perspective, if you were looking for a nice long rectangular scarf that would cover your upper body too in addition to your head, then this hijab is certainly not the one you want to go for.
  4. Since most Turkish hijabs are actually made of satin, they are not exactly beginner’s hijabs to style. So if you have just started wearing hijabs and know only a few basic hijab styles, these slinky ones are most definitely not the hijabs you would want to wear.
  5. Most of the Turkish hijabs are not machine washable so if you want something that you can put in your weekly laundry basket, avoid these hijabs.
  6. Turkish hijabs are generally more prone to snags, thread pulls and surface abrasions that can ruin the fabric than other hijab types.



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