The Turkish Hijab wave hit the new generation of Hijabis recently, this popularity surged from political issues.

Turkey has been a country that had banned any form of hijab even the basic headscarf from almost all sectors of public life for decades. Even university admission was refused if you wore a headscarf!

However after the successive election victories (Islamic leaning Erdogan and his party in Turkey) Turkey has repealed those hijab bans.

The popularity of these hijab is also due to the economy boom in the past 10 years which has made Turkey a very attractive tourist destination around the World.

As soon as you step out of Istanbul airport, you see loads of girls wearing beautiful printed, shining and colourful headscarves.

Turkish Hijabs are usually made of satin or matte satin however some can be silk based hijabs. They are usually very shiny and reflective and this is what it gives them that distinctive look that you don’t usually get with other hijabs.

They are also usually much shorter in length than most of the other hijabs because they are mostly made of opaque satin. Most Turkish girls would also have a high volume bun underneath the scarf towards the back when they wear this scarf.

Please note: This high volume bun is a matter of dispute among authentic islamic scholars, but mostly is frowned upon please visit this page for more details.

Also, Turkish hijab are suited to women with round faces than any other face type. as it will make it a bit elongated and more balanced.

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