Tube underscarf

Holding a similar principle to the tie back bonnet in terms of how much muslimahs love it, this underscarf is available in a variety of designs as well. The tube underscarf as the name suggests is like the lace underscarf and therefore open at both ends. It can be made either of stretch cotton or polyester and is non slip like all the underscarves.  This type of underscarf is usually a one size fits all, so no need to worry about the sizing. You can get these underscarves in a range of of designs, we have seen them beaded, glittter, studded and even printed and they can end up looking really cool when they are coordinated with different types of hijabs.

The tube underscarf can be layered with the lace underscarf, simply slip on the tube underscarf first and then the lace underscarf, leaving a strip of tube underscarf to show through at the front. However some muslimahs do not find too many layerings comfortable so it possible just to layer with the hijabs that you would like to wear and achieve your own look.