This item comes with a gift box, however, you are not given an option to chose a gift box.

Our Chiffon Hijab Gift Set is a beautiful pairing of hijabs with underscarves. You get to choose colours from:

  • 3 Chiffon Hijabs – The perfect scarf for any occasion. This hijab is made of premium chiffon. You can wear it as a turban, have it casually draped around your head or wear it any way you like. Elegant & sophisticated our chiffon scarves are lightweight and perfect.
  • 1 Bonnet Underscarf/Cap – Bonnet underscarf/cap is the most common and popular underscarf you will find. It is made of a jersey type fabric and settles nicely against your head, ensuring it is non-slip. It is placed over the head and secured at the back.
  • Gift-boxed – Presented in a lovely Pink, Black or Gold gift box lined with tissue paper we can add a short message on the gift-tag please ensure you type your message in the comments section at checkout.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Exchange gifts, you will love one another.” What the hadeeth means is that giving gifts may generate and increase love. Get them a beautiful gift to certainly make a newlywed couple smile and feel loved.

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First Chiffon Hijab

Second Chiffon Hijab

Third Chiffon Hijab

Bonnet Underscarf

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