So in a nutshell why us, why Hidden Pearls?

Affordable  – Trustworthy – Committed

  • Standard shipping rate of £1.99!
  • Free returns
  • A large selection of products
  • Affordable pricing for you to look good in
  • Safe and secure ordering – including Paypal
  • To support a Halal Islamic startup!

Well, why not? We are a growing business that is committed to giving our customers the best so that they can leave their house confident and well, let’s just get to the point, covered up.

We offer UK Shipping for ONLY £1.99 – One of the Cheapest deliveries amongst ALL Hijab Stores in UK! We also ship internationally to 191 countries around the World for a nominal cost!

We offer free returns on items to keep you satisfied if you don’t like your product.

Our website was made with the intention and dedication of providing you with quality Hijabs, but we wanted variety because we know that our customers want different designs and styles (Gosh so do we!) and this is why we go that extra mile to find something unique and special just for you.

We offer affordable pricing so that when you hit the road (or anywhere for that matter) you look like the gorgeous person you are.

And to top it all of, you can rest assured that when you pay for your items that everything is safe and secure using SSL certificate and military grade encryption on our servers.

Happy Shopping!