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Cotton is a natural fabric, so it is great for people that are not able to wear synthetic material or who suffer from allergies. It is a unfortunate fact that a lot of people these days are getting allergic to artificial materials, cotton is the safest and most reliable material in this case. I know a load of people that have issues with allergies, not all bodies can tolerate synthetic material, but cotton is completely natural so you can breathe easy knowing that you won’t have any problems!

Because cotton is soft and natural it is comfortable to wear, it keeps you cool in summer and occasionally certain types of cotton also keeps you warm in winter and as a added bonus it is one material that resists that horrible static cling that we all hate so much.

Cotton hijabs are readily available on the market and suits all budgets as the material is available in different price ranges, so no need to despair if you do not want to spend too much money.

Cotton lace hijabs can be worn for a stylish look using different colours, patterns and techniques. Dress the hijab up or down with your outfit and come up with brilliant ideas to look fashionable and cool in today’s environment.

However, do note that cotton hijabs are best worn casually. For evening or function wear they do not work so great, but worn along with a pair of jeans and a pretty top or a long Abaya to go out and meet friends or  to go to that lecture you might be wishing to miss  a cotton hijab is great!