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Known for its stretchable factor, jersey Hijabs are made from 100% cotton and are similar to the fabric used to make t-shirts. the level of comfort that is provided by this material leaves you wanting to wear it more and it works well on warmer days as it absorbs sweat easily. One of the good or bad things depending on how you look at it, this material clings on the face, so if your face is round, unlike the Turkish Hijab this is one you might want to avoid as it will make your face rounder.

However, Jersey Hijabs are perfect for everyday wear. They are available in different designs and styles. Plain Jersey hijabs and Pom pom Hijabs being the most common. It is a heavy and durable fabric, but not to the point of making you uneasy when wearing it. Also, it is easy to throw on without having to worry about pinning your scarf into place, as it adheres to your shape.

Some History: During World War I, when fabric rations were in full swing, for Coco Chanel (A well-known designer) Jersey seemed a good option to use, believe it or not before this Jersey was only known to be used for men’s underwear! Jersey fabric was seen as undesirable, however, Coco Chanel made it into a well-known brand, and women gradually came to love the fabric seeing as it required so little seaming, was a comfortable fit, draped well were simple for everyday use and made women feel like they were themselves!