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  • A Hidden Pearls Plain Hijab – A Hidden Pearls Plain Hijab – Sweet and simple, you can have one for every day or choose from a vibrant rainbow of colors to match your mood. Express your inner self with hues like deep blue for tranquility, fiery red for boldness, or sunny yellow for curiosity. Let your personality shine through! Just select the color that resonates with you.
  • A Medium Rainbow Quran –. Share the gift of divine wisdom with our beautiful Rainbow Quran. Let us know your preferred color, and if available, we’ll include it. This embossed Quran, featuring a spectrum of colors, is a visual delight and a heartfelt present, Insha Allah. Please note that Quran colors may slightly differ due to lighting.
  • A Tasbeeh – Pray in style with our pretty glass bead Tasbeeh, completed with a delicate tassel. With over 100 beads and a length of 38 inches (excluding the tassel), it’s a wonderful addition to your spiritual practice.
  • A Portable Prayer Mat – When time is short and a prayer mat isn’t in sight, our portable prayer mat comes to the rescue! Lightweight and designed to fit in your handbag, it ensures you can pray wherever you go. Keep your faith close at hand.

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Experience the ease of styling and the grace of modesty with our Everyday Plain Hijab. It's time to embrace simplicity and make a statement with your everyday look.

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