Hijab Pins

There are literally hundreds of types of Hijab Pins. However, we will only discuss the most commonly used ones.

Straight Hijab pins

Straight Hijab pins are the most commonly used type of hijab pins. The biggest advantage of these pins is that they are cheap! They literally come in almost 3 dozen colours. You can usually buy them as a pinwheel. They sometimes come in different pin boxes as well. Pins that are in a pinwheel are usually longer than the pins that come in pin boxes.

Hijab Safety Pins

Another very common type of hijab pins are the safety pins. These are not your usual safety pins that you can get from a stationery shop! These pins usually have a plastic design on one side and the needle on the other. Hijab safety pins are mostly used for securing your hijab underneath your neck. Since they have a plastic side, they are much easier to open or close compared to the usual straight hijab pins.


Hijab Brooches

Brooch pins are usually used to hold any garment together. Their usage is not restricted to women but men use them as well with blazers and jackets. Brooch pins are also considered jewellery items and often worn on the chest. However recently many Muslim women have started using brooch pins as hijab pins. Brooch Hijab pins can look really pretty if placed properly. You will not use a brooch hijab pin on the inside where it cannot be seen but the whole purpose of Hijab Brooch would be to use it where it is very visible and adds to the beauty of hijab like on temples or just below it

Pin Cushion

If you are like me and always struggle to find a hijab pin when you really need it, then you definitely need to invest in a good pin cushion. It really helps to organise and store the pins properly and since you have the heads protruding, it also allows for easy and safe handling of the pin.

Alhamdulillah we offer all types of Hijab pins. You can buy our pin wheels consisting of very colourful straight pins. We also have a page for our flower hijab pin and unique hijab pins. Also please check our recent collection of stylish, elegant and really beautiful Hijab Brooches.

In terms of different sizes of the pins and their uses, shorter pins are useful near the front of the head as both the hair and the layers of the scarf is much thinner towards the front whereas longer pins can be more useful towards the back of the head where the hair is usually tied up. The hijab is usually voluminous and can have lots of folds towards the back of the head which is also suitable for the use of a longer pin.

Many new hijabis complain about their scarves and underscarves not staying in one place especially when it’s a bit windy or if they are playing any sports. This can easily be remedied by making sure that your hijab pins goes through both your hijab as well as your underscarf. As for the underscarf moving around on your head, you can use two Bobby Pins through your hijab underscarf and your hair by each side of your temple. This also allows for the freedom to wear less tight underscarf as some people get headaches or feel uncomfortable wearing tight underscarves.