Part 3: Prints – to wear or not to wear?

Part 2 Learn the art of matching your hijab to your skin tone!

This is part III of the Ultimate Hijabis Guide. If you haven’t read part I Hijabi’s Saviour – The colour wheel or part II Learn the art matching your hijab to your skin tone I would highly recommend you read those two first before carrying on any further. This part is all about prints as hijabis can often find themselves at a loss when it comes to pairing printed hijabs with outfits.

There are several ways you can go about accentuating your look with a scarf:


Solid on solid

The safest and easiest option is solid on solid, this looks good every time. Just make sure all the solid colours you are working with co-ordinate and you are sorted! Check out our Hijabi’s saviour – The colour wheel for a guide to what colours will coordinate with each other. As you will see below, solid on solids are hardly ever a major concern as long as they are done right!


Mix patterns with solids

Do not be shy of mixing patterns with solid:

  • A patterned shirt or trousers with a solid hijab OR
  • A patterned hijab with a solid top always looks good

The idea is to cut down on the amount of prints that will be playing across your body, so space it out with a neutral colour. This means that you need to avoid going overboard and not wear that polka dot shirt with the polka dot scarf that then goes with the leopard print trousers! Not only will you get the dreaded stares, you will also go off prints for life.

Do refer back to our colour wheel guide and take into account the colour wheel and what colours would ultimately compliment each other in your outfit selection. Here are a few examples:

If you look at this picture you will see that she has taken a pair of geometric designed trousers and ended up looking exceptionally chic with a navy blue shirt and cream scarf. She has also paired it will gold heels and she looks ever so elegant without being overloaded on prints.
In this picture her belted kimono is all print but she has balanced it out with coordinating solid colours for the trousers and hijab so that she ends up looking quite the fashionista!

Here are some good examples of printed hijabs being matched with solid coloured outfits to give you a different but trendy look.

Here she has paired denim jeans with a solid maroon top and she is wearing a floral hijab with matching maroon prints. She looks trendy and chic.
Animal print hijabs that work wonderfully on this savvy girl!

Make sure that you do not match a really bright hijab to an exceptionally bright outfit as this will become way too much, however you can match bright hijabs with more neutral coloured outfits or vice versa.

This young lady from Haute Hijab gives you a brilliant example of coordinating your hijab with a printed top, the polka dot shirt works really well with the bright pink pop of colour in the trousers, without it being too in your face.

I did try really hard (promise) to find an example of a really bad outfit, but nothing quite fit an array of printed delights, so I finally decided to put these two up and leave the rest to your imagination!

Here the entire outfit is out of place, with the ombre hijab not really coordinating with the bottom harem trousers, although she has managed to make the outfit work! Generally this would be a very bad combination.

If you look at this picture above, and imagine a leopard print top, you can instantly see how horrible it would look, so you should have a good idea of how prints would not work together!

Prints matched with prints

Rather than mix dense prints with dense prints, which can cause a big mess, try mixing a dense print with a sparse print. The same goes for larger prints and smaller prints. Usually if you mix different densities and sizes, the prints balance each other out, because one becomes the focal point and the other becomes the sidekick. If uncertain you can play around until you feel comfortable.

This look is very trendy, and the small leopard print contrasts quite well with the bigger and bolder leopard print.

You can also pair geometrical shapes like stripes and polka dots together in your top and hijab this is a great way to pull off print on print.

Fat Cat’s Words of Wisdom:

Finally, always remember in the worst case scenario, if you are uncertain, look at yourself in the mirror and trust your instincts, or alternatively ask a friend or family member you trust and know will give you a honest opinion. Yes that means it might not be a good idea to go to your exceptionally loving husband (or horrible onewink smiley) who will just say it looks fine and that you look gorgeous!

Go ahead and be bold, take that risk to feel extra special….just do not over do it.

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