Part V: The Daily Hijabi Outfit Planner

Hijab Outfit Planner

Waking up in the morning and the last thing on your mind is having to decide on an outfit. If your anything like us at Hidden Pearls, then your too busy to be leaving things to the last minute. If someone gave you the choice of adding more hours in the day, would you not grab it with both hands? Well, we don’t have more hours for you, but we do have something that will make life a lot easier!

In trying to be a good daughter, student, wife, mom, entrepreneur, friend, and occasional female get-together superwoman it can feel like there isn’t a lot of time to put serious thought into what you’ll wear each day.

The good news? By using our exclusive Daily Hijabi Outfit Planner that headache is now officially over. There can be a whole new you this year and a whole wardrobe of possibilities ahead. If you’re stuck on what colours suit you then don’t forget to check out our Part I: Hijabi’s Savior – The Colour Wheel.

If you’re struggling with what types of prints you should wear, or if you should even wear them, check out our Part III: Prints – To Wear Or Not to Wear article.

As a wonder woman hijabi, don’t ever forget self-care which includes exercising regularly, eating well (yes that includes 5 fruits & veg a day!) picking your favourite outfits and popping on some make-up for a brilliant boost to your self-confidence. For this checkout, Part IV: Match Your Make-Up To Your Hijab article. Often we can get lost in the stress of life and forget to take care of ourselves, working on how you dress and how you look can play a huge role in making you confident and happy.

Now all you need to take the stress away is a daily hijabi outfit planner. Organise & plan your outfits from your wardrobe to ensure you have outfits that make you feel fabulous. Do check out our Part II: Learn the Art of Matching your Hijab to Your Skin Tone for the ultimate wardrobe collection!

Some of you might think its crazy to go for a daily outfit planner, but you wouldn’t believe what a difference it makes to your life. It frees up time and it allows you to use all those clothes hiding at the back of your wardrobe. Pre-planning your wardrobe means you can decide beforehand what you will be wearing for the entire week.

Tip: Every weekend take out some time to plan for an outfit for the weekend ahead.

Always remember to:

  • Think of the week ahead, do you have a special event to attend? A business meeting? Or are you hosting an event?
  • Do a weather check. You want to feel comfortable and ready for the weather ahead!

Now get ready to download the Daily Hijabi Outfit Planner. Print it out each week or alternatively laminate one copy and use a pen that can be wiped off each week.

Fill in your week’s outfits and attach it to a wall near your wardrobe or even on your wardrobe!

Remember you can deviate from the planner, the plan is there to guide you so that you don’t get stuck. Happy outfit planning!!!

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