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Triumphing Lupus SLE – Fat Cat’s Story!

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For years I struggled with Lupus SLE until I eventually helped myself and now I want to help others also living with Lupus. To date, I have tried various treatments, herbal remedies and loads of praying. After many years I finally found relief from a combination that worked for me and there’s no indication that […]

7 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Hijab From Smelling!


There comes a time in every hijabi’s life that you start smelling a whiff of something funny and quickly realise that it might no longer be a good idea to wear the hijab out and about. This is a problem that most of us Hijabis face especially when it is hot and humid because we are […]

5 Massive Misconceptions About Muslim Women


At a time when the world is ripe with Islamophobia the image of a Muslim woman has become warped and misunderstood. Amongst the debate for immigration and foreign policy, a set stereotype has been created of the Muslim woman. This stereotype does not capture the true essence of her or the experience she has in today’s society. Disappointingly, an image […]

The Ultimate Islamic & Eid Gifts Guide

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Although at the beginning we will focus on the two major festivals for Muslims, this article is based around the idea of giving both Ramadan and Eid gifts and the right intentions behind it. During Eid a lot of gift-giving takes place. however, there are other occasions where gifts are also given such as when a […]