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Chic Modesty: Tips for Curvy Muslim Women

In my Tips for Curvy Muslim Women, I hope to be able to help women like myself. I feel Modest Fashion for Muslim women, especially those of us who are curvy, is akin to navigating a concealed obstacle course that is never discussed openly. Striking a  balance between modesty and fashion often feels like undertaking […]

7 Tested Ways to Help Your Teenage Daughter Wear The Hijab

7 Tested ways to help your teenage daughter wear the hijab - hidden pearl

Assisting your teenage daughter in embracing the hijab doesn’t need to be an overwhelming challenge. As girls swiftly transition into adolescence, the desire for independence and freedom becomes more apparent. Some may resist wearing the hijab, presenting common arguments like “Why is it necessary? None of my friends wear it!” or “I should have the […]

Eid Advice For Revert Muslims And Tips

Eid Advice For Revert Muslims And Tips - Hidden Pearls

The Holy month of Ramadan concludes with the festivities of Eid, a day shared with family and friends. It is a very social occasion, in which Muslims try to mend broken ties, visit relatives and invite guests to share the celebrations. For the growing number of Muslim converts, however, Ramadan can be a very lonely […]

Take Advantage Of These Kids Activities By Muslim Mummies!

Take Advantage of these Activities - hidden pearls

These Kids Activities By Muslim Mummies guide was made because we are seeing Muslim parents currently stuck at home. Along with having to homeschool, Muslim parents are also having to manage work, household tasks and other things. Amongst this, it is well known that kids to sing “I am bored” around the house, to the […]

What Hijab Styles To Flaunt This Winter

What Hijabs to Wear In Winter

Wondering what hijab styles to flaunt this winter?  – So, here we are in December, with the colder months creeping up in the following weeks. We may as well brace the harsh cold in style by taking a little inspiration from some of our favourite modest fashion influencers. I have loved seeing the difference in […]

Hajj and Eid-Ul-Adha During the Pandemic 2020

Hajj and Eid Ul Adha during the Pandemic

It is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has tragically transformed the lives and lifestyles of humans across the globe. Since its rapid transmission across borders, the deadly virus has interfered with several holidays and festivals worldwide, including Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr. Its latest victim in its list of targets has been the Hajj pilgrimage. In […]