Chic Modesty: Tips for Curvy Muslim Women

In my Tips for Curvy Muslim Women, I hope to be able to help women like myself. I feel Modest Fashion for Muslim women, especially those of us who are curvy, is akin to navigating a concealed obstacle course that is never discussed openly. Striking a  balance between modesty and fashion often feels like undertaking an impossible feat.

We’ve all experienced that moment when we spot a perfect outfit, envisioning ourselves as the perfect example of style. But, the outfit is snugly hugging a size 8 mannequin, and let’s face it, we’re not all blessed with those proportions. It’s as if clothes play a different game with each of us.

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Entering the dressing room with high hopes, only to have them dashed by ill-fitting garments, is a tale we know all too well. Personally, being a petite 5’1″, I faced the additional challenge of finding clothes that flattered my vertically challenged frame. Seriously, is it too much to ask for clothes that fit the average woman?

In my search for suitable clothes, I’ve learned to prioritise comfort and confidence over blindly following the latest trends. But oh boy, the struggle is real! Whenever I attempt to embrace the latest fashion, I end up resembling a walking potato sack or a peculiar fashion experiment gone wrong. Well, at least comfy clothes have the decency to keep me snug and cosy, right?

Now, fast forward to the present, and Alhamdulillah, I’ve managed to shed some pounds. I’ve gracefully moved down from a size 14/16 to a proud size 12. It may not be a drastic transformation, but hey, it’s an achievement nonetheless! Yet, even with this victory, my shopping adventures continue to pose challenges. These curves of mine seem to have made themselves at home and are in no hurry to vacate the premises.


A Constant Struggle

Losing weight can be an ongoing struggle, especially when dealing with health conditions like lupus. It’s a battle where fad diets promise quick solutions, as if transforming into a size 8 was as simple as flicking a switch. Personally, I’ve faced challenges with intermittent fasting due to my lupus, and exercising has become a no-go when it comes to managing my condition. Just when I thought I had reached a milestone in my weight loss journey, a few extra pounds decided to join the party. It’s a rollercoaster ride of fluctuations, influenced by hormonal changes, overeating, and the complexities that lupus brings.

Embracing Styles for Every Body

In Tips for Curvy Muslim Women, I will help to provide advice on finding the right clothes that embrace our curves. Remember, this is an ongoing journey. Despite the challenges, styling is the key. Pairing pieces creatively, and adding a belt for instant magic—these tips have been my daily companions. I’ve learned that dressing for your body type is a skill that evolves. It’s trial and error, but it’s empowering. These tricks, adaptable to every unique curve, are here to boost your confidence. Here’s to celebrating our beautiful curves!

10 Tips & Tricks For Modest Dressing For Curvy Muslim Women

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In my Tips For Curvy Muslim Women I will be giving tips and tricks that help in the following situations:

  • How you hide your tum, whether it is a mummy tummy or just one that is there like mine;
  • How to wear oversized clothes on a curvy frame but not look like a barrel;
  • How to make your chest look smaller.

1. Modest Dressing – It All Begins With The Underwear!

One common mistake often made by plus-size women is neglecting to establish a proper foundation, particularly when it comes to undergarments. This refers specifically to your bra and underwear. It’s essential to ensure that your bra fits correctly. You can easily measure yourself using a measuring tape and compare your measurements to sizing charts to find the right size. If you’re self-conscious about your chest size, consider trying bra minimizers. These can create the illusion of smaller breasts, making modest dressing much more manageable.

Avoid Panty lines!

I am not saying it’s done deliberately, because as Muslims, we naturally aim to preserve modesty, avoiding unintentional displays of our bodies or undergarments. Yet, in the hustle of daily life, it’s easy to overlook the subtle but significant issue of visible panty lines. This typically happens when clothes are too snug, but it can also result from ill-fitting underwear. Opt for styles that ensure a smooth, flat fit against your body, avoiding any bunching at the hips. Don’t hesitate to go up a size for a more comfortable and modest look.

The Secret Weapon: Spandex Essentials

Here’s a tip (or the secret weapon) to laying a solid foundation for your outfit: spandex. But be warned, it can be a double-edged sword. A well-fitting pair of spandex can work wonders by smoothing your edges, tucking in your stomach, and giving you a desirable hourglass silhouette. It’s worth exploring different brands and finding a pair that fits you perfectly. Investing in a few pairs of neutral colours is a smart move. However, if your spandex doesn’t fit properly, it can roll up under your bra and against your stomach, creating the illusion of lumps and bumps that nobody wants. Yes, I understand that if you wear Islamically correct clothes this should not be a problem, but you would be surprised how many times I have seen Muslim women having these problems. Sometimes they just end up making things worse. We should always wear loose-fitting clothes In Shah Allah, but even in loose-fitting clothes, bras that do not fit well can be noticeable.

2. Focus On High Waisted Trousers

The beauty of high-waisted trousers is that they act similarly to spandex. They’ll cover your stomach and can pull you in. Wave goodbye to your trousers that have a low waistline that leaves your belly hanging out. You want to focus on buying trousers that sit at your waist. This style will draw attention away from your belly and help to accentuate your natural curves.

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The ‘high-waisted’ rule is also true for skirts and shorts, although you’ll want to make sure these are a sensible length. Midi skirts are a popular style that you can find with a high waist and are a modest fashion staple when paired with leggings. I have never been keen on Midi skirts with leggings, mostly because it has never suited me, but I do know of people who look amazing in them.

I need to keep reiterating that wear a modest loose and long top on top to ensure that you are keeping to Islamic guidelines and not dressing immodestly.

3. Invest in a Belt

I don’t think I have ever managed to pull this one off, though this might just be my insecurity playing in. However, Belts are one way of changing an outfit in the blink of an eye. If you want to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank, a belt makes the perfect addition. The difference for curvy women is that you’ll want to find a belt that sits comfortably at your waist to give you the illusion of looking slimmer.

You have two options to choose from with belts. You can go with an oversized belt with a statement buckle or a thin belt. Either of these styles will work for curvy women, and it’s a point of personal preference, although you might be better off choosing a thin belt if you’re on the shorter side.

4. Modest Dressing for Those Curves – Fill Your Closet With Midi Dresses

If you’re a curvy woman who likes modest fashion, a midi dress is your best friend. This style of dress will flatter your body more than a knee-length as it naturally elongates your appearance. Midi dresses have become one of the most popular silhouettes in recent seasons. You can find them in every colour of the rainbow and from all your favourite stores.

You can easily style a midi dress with a pair of leggings for a modest look if you’re not a fan of tights or are worried about them leaving lumps in your clothing.

Matalan midi dresses are amazing for giving shape and hiding the bulge. Also, HM have midi knit dresses with v necks which go really nicely with even leather trousers.

5. Don’t Hide Under Baggy Clothes

Hiding under oversized clothes is something that every plus-size woman is guilty of. As tempting as it might be to hide your curves under layers of clothing that are two sizes too big, this won’t help the situation. While you might want to lounge around in oversized clothing at home, it can seriously bring down your confidence when you’re out and about.

Find tailored coats/jackets that don’t have a lot of excess designs like lapels and colours, they can be flattering on curvy figures. Once again, as above, Midi dresses are great paired with boots and leggings/thick tights look great.

You can pair polo neck tops with cami/vest straps with midi or maxi dresses. These styles often make you look slimmer. Shirt dresses are amazing and have been a lifesaver for me. You can pair it with a denim jacket/leather jacket. High-waisted skirts paired with an oversized jumper or t-shirt with a jacket look classy and hide all those bulges.

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Modest fashion calls for looser clothing, but not something that’s several sizes too big. If you’re struggling to find things in your size, it would be worth finding a local tailor that you can work with to alter your clothing to get you a better fit.

6. Understand Your Body Type For Modest Dressing

The first step you want to take when updating your wardrobe and styling options is to understand your body type. You can read our guide on dressing for your body type, which covers the four most popular shapes.

Chic Modesty: Tips for Curvy Muslim Women- Body Shapes - hidden Pearls

We have styling tips for each shape so it’s worth reading to get some personalised advice on how you should be putting together your outfits.

You’ll also want to pay attention to sizing charts in different brands. No two brands make their clothing the same way. You might be a size 14 in one store and an 18 in another. In H&M, you could be a 12 in a midi dress and a 14 in a pair of jeans. Don’t worry about the number on the label. Focus on how it fits your body! If it annoys you to look at the label, cut it off. Life is too short to worry about an arbitrary number.

7. Learn the Art of Illusion

When you’re curvy, it’s all about creating the illusion of a slimmer body. You need to think of your proportions, which includes your height as much as your waistline. Adding a pair of heels to any outfit will make your legs appear longer and slimmer. High heels that are in a similar colour to your natural skin tone can add to this illusion. You’ll want to avoid heels with straps around the ankles as these can make you look shorter by disrupting the illusion.

8. Choose Monochrome Hijab Colours

We’re all familiar with the idea that black is naturally slimming, which is true. There’s no denying that monochrome and neutral colours will help create the illusion of a slimmer face and silhouette. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with colour. If it makes you feel good, wear it! You could try pairing a vibrant hijab with a black outfit to give you a colour-blocking look while still taking advantage of the slimming illusion.

If you’re not sure how to start experimenting with colourful hijabs, you can take a look at the colours that compliment your complexion. We’ve put together a simple guide on how you can master the art of matching your hijab to your skin tone.

9. Be Careful with Prints

While we all love to try leopard print clothing, you need to be a little careful when wearing prints. You can experiment with different patterns and prints but think twice about a head-to-toe print. For wearing stripes, always go with vertical stripes over horizontal ones that can make you appear wider.


Vertical stripes advice:

Not every vertically striped pattern is able to help you look slimmer and be modest at the same time.  When choosing vertical stripes, try concentrating on one contrasted pairing e.g. a single big stripe on the centre. This will draw attention to that single stripe, thus creating the effect of looking slimmer.

Sometimes choosing multiple stripes can have a negative effect if eyes are drawn to various locations on the garment.

Prints advice:

Prints are the perfect way to add a pop of colour to any outfit. When you’re experimenting with prints, try to keep the rest of your outfit fairly neutral so you don’t overpower your look.

You don’t want prints to be too small or too large, as they can divide up the body giving you a very unflattering look. Floral patterns can as well as leopard prints and medium-sized polka dots. You also want to make sure you style your printed look well with matching jewellery that can distract the eye and bring it to a single focal point.

10. Look For Inspiration

Whenever I’m looking for outfit inspiration, I always go to Instagram. The #modestfashion has over 3.1 million posts on Instagram, meaning you’re sure to find a blogger with the same style atheistic as yours. It’s worth following a few of your favourite influencers and saving photos you want to recreate yourself.

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Finding inspiration in ‘ordinary’ women can help you feel more confident in your curves. These tips are to make you feel more comfortable in your clothes. Also, sometimes turning to social media is not always a bad idea. Influencers can serve as powerful catalysts in instilling confidence and self-acceptance among Muslim curvy women. Through representation, advocacy, and fostering a sense of community, influencers can contribute to a cultural shift where diversity is celebrated, and every woman feels empowered to embrace her unique beauty with confidence

Here are 3 fashion bloggers we thought were rocking the curvy women’s figure with their amazing fashion sense.


Her Instagram is rocking with her fashion sense. She puts together brilliant pieces for style and comfort. She embraces what suits her and we think she looks amazing. Iyzaaryff’s vibrant Instagram presence fosters a sense of community among her followers. For Muslim curvy women who may feel isolated or lacking in confidence, being part of a community that celebrates diversity and encourages self-expression can be a transformative experience.

Sarah Aziz

a prominent influencer who has captivated audiences with her consistent and captivating style. She possesses a unique ability to transform each outfit into a visual masterpiece as if plucked from the pages of a fashion fairy tale. One of the remarkable aspects of Sarah’s approach is her fearlessness in experimenting with various colours and prints, showcasing the endless possibilities of modest fashion. Above all, Sarah Aziz emphasizes the utmost importance of body positivity, inspiring her followers to embrace their unique beauty and celebrate their bodies with confidence.

Sarah Aziz’s impact goes beyond the realm of fashion; she serves as a beacon of empowerment, reminding everyone that self-acceptance and body positivity are vital aspects of personal growth. Her influence encourages individuals to break free from societal norms, nurturing a culture of self-love and inclusivity.

Influencers like Sarah Aziz, through their consistent and unapologetic representation of curvy bodies in modest fashion, send a powerful message to Muslim women. Seeing someone confidently embracing their curves challenges societal norms, creating a space where diverse body types are celebrated.

Let Sarah Aziz guide your fashion journey, embracing self-expression and celebrating all body types Together, we can celebrate diversity and empower others to embrace their uniqueness.


A valuable Modest fashion influencer since 2012, helping Muslimahs discover their perfect style globally. Her impeccable fashion choices and fierce looks in every outfit she showcases have earned her a well-deserved reputation. Her confidence plays a significant role in her ability to rock any ensemble effortlessly.

One valuable lesson we can learn from size_misclairee is that fashion should always be a reflection of your unique style and personality. Embracing your body and wearing what makes you feel good is the ultimate key. Remember, you are the queen of your fashion kingdom, and the most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable in whatever you choose to wear.

Plussize_misclairee’s approach to fashion highlights that a style is a form of self-expression. By showcasing diverse outfits with confidence, she encourages Muslim curvy women to view fashion as a means of expressing their unique personalities. This shift can be especially empowering for those who may have felt constrained by societal expectations. So take inspiration from size_misclairee and embark on your fashion journey, expressing your individuality and embracing your body with pride. After all, the true essence of fashion lies in wearing what makes you shine.