Our History With Dates

Medjool Dates

Last year you provided valuable feedback to us:

  • Our chocolates were mouth-watering & delicious.
  • We then had requests for chocolate covered dates, but one of your major concerns was the price. Chocolate covered dates were just too darn expensive!

We listened and are back again this Ramadan with some very good news! So we embarked on this new journey and were faced with lot of issues, here are a few worth sharing:

  • The chocolatier company that was making those amazing chocolates for you guys had never tried coating dates with the same chocolate – it was a disaster. They were at a loss as to what to do!
  • It took us months of trials and errors to finally create the perfect flavours. Trust us, when we say that as a team, our waists went wider and blood glucose levels went up! (Thank God not one of us actually became a diabetic!)
  • You guys complained about the price of other chocolate dates in the market. At £1 a date it sounded ludicrous to pay that much for a date…until you begin to take into account all the costs for crafting the best chocolate covered dates! Chocolate from Sainsburys/Tesco just wouldn’t cut it, we only wanted to bring the best to the table especially if we wanted that melt in your mouth taste. We couldn’t buy cheap dates, as dates need to be of a high standard and they need to taste good. We couldn’t use just any fillings, they had to be perfect!

So what did we do? Well we at Hidden Pearls had a team meeting to discuss this in detail and our solution was:

We would not compromise on quality, but we could give the customer what they wanted and just cover our costs. Ramadan is a time of giving, so why not allow our customers to enjoy what they want without the heavy price tag that others had?

Now you’re probably thinking why would we do that? It’s because when we started in 2015, there were only 2 of us in Hidden Pearls and we had about 10 hijabs to sell but with your love and support we have come so far! We have had to overcome hurdle over hurdle, but Alhumdulillah with Allah’s help & your support & love, we are now one of the largest Hijab sellers in Europe!

Now it’s time for us to repay your love by giving something back. Last year we decided to donate to Ummah Welfare Trust a part of our proceedings, this year we decided we would keep the prices low and not make much in terms of profits.* So dear supporters, we introduce to you Choco Date Delights – Belgian Chocolate Medjool Dates in various flavours at amazing prices. You can buy 9 dates for £5.99 and 18 dates for just £10.99. Alternatively if you want to select your own dates you can have them personalised for just £11.99!

There is a small catch however! We ask that when you open your fast with our dates, you make dua for our entire team and that one of our partners mother who sadly passed away last year be granted the highest ranking in Jannat al Firdous.

*Prices will go up by roughly £2 after Ramadan.

Have a lovely blessed Ramadan!

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