8 Facts About Hijab That Will Shock You

Disclaimer:  This article is a light-hearted take on some of the questions that women are asked (me included). Hopefully, the answers will clear up any doubts that keep clogging up in a lot of people’s minds about hijabs. Hijabs are curious pieces of clothing. Only women wear the hijab, they appear to add a hint of mystery to the woman who wears it. However, hijab, other than as a fashion statement, has also been largely misunderstood. For example, in some parts of the world (we’re looking at you, United States) the appearance of hijabs tends to set off alarms related to terrorism and the whole gun debate flares up again. So, in an effort to calm everyone down when they see a hijab, we offer this list of fun facts about this veil.


1. The Hijab Is Not Intended To Cover Up A Bad Hair Day

Sure, the girls who wear them may have those days where their hair just doesn’t look all that great regardless of the work spent getting all dolled up in the morning. Where guys will just slap on a ball cap and deal with the day as per normal, a hijab is not typically used for this reason. Of course, that doesn’t say that it never has crossed the mind of any of the women who choose to wear hijabs. We’re just warning you that the hijab has greater meaning than that, it’s meant to be all about Islam…but exactly how many times do we have to explain that? facts about hijab

2. Shopping For New Clothing Is A Virtual Hijab Nightmare

Ask any girl you know who wears a hijab and she’ll tell you. That great sale on tops or jeans or slacks or shoes may get the blood pumping in the body of the average female. However, if you happen to be a hijab wearer, the excitement of those slashed prices doesn’t really amount to much unless there also happens to be a complimentary deal on hijabs. Oh, and not just any hijab, either. New clothes demand the need for a new and matching hijab or there’s no deal. If you struggle to match your hijab with your skintone check this article out.

3. Although The Hijab May Look Cool To You, It Really Isn’t

There are a number of ways to look at this. Sure, the hijab to a young, hip and happenin’ teen girl may be viewed as a rite of passage and a cool new fashion accessory.  However, for some of the gals who wear them, the hijab is like a mini oven wrapped around their heads. Of course, that is not true, but some girls will tell you that so you will just stop with your questions about how to tie a hijab. We all need our sanity in place after all. So how about refraining from asking if we are hot under our hijabs? Being constantly asked the same question makes us hot and bothered.

4. Speaking Of Tying The Average Hijab…

There are about as many ways to tie a hijab as there are teams in professional sports. There are ‘ties’ for specific moods, days of the week, ceremonial events, social status, financial status and just about any other possible reason. Although there are hundreds of ways to tie a hijab, you’ll find that each girl has her favourite ‘top five’ and will just stick with those and rotate them with razor-sharp precision to prevent overlapping with anyone else’s Top Five Hijab Ties. Having said that, here are some ways to wear hijabs. facts about hijab - hijab tying

5.  The Hijab Does Not Protect You In Rain Or The Shower

Here’s a crazy thought. Ball caps and most other headgear keep the wearers head protected and covered in nasty weather. Should you choose to take a shower with a ball cap, for whatever the reason, you are going to get soaked. The same thing applies to hijab fashion. The only difference is that a hijab in a rainstorm soon becomes a soaking wet hijab that will become a heavy and uncomfortable hijab. Don’t get us started on wearing them in a windstorm or blizzard. So, no it doesn’t protect us from the rain or shower just in case you missed the point. facts about hijab -rain

6. Wearing A Hijab Makes Personal Space A Reality

If you have ever wondered why you rarely see a girl in a hijab hugging anyone it is not because the hijab has identified her as an outcast or anything negative like that. In fact, the reason is very much the opposite but if you have ever hugged a female with a hijab on you will know that it is just like hugging a spider in a spider web. The hijab has ways of getting tangled up in your arms, around your neck and virtually won’t let you escape. So, no hugging allowed.

7. Hijab Wearers Have A Game They Play With Each Other

If you are not a member of the hijab-wearing inner circle, you won’t have any idea what this is about. However, you may have noticed that the odd hijab contains a higher bun than others. This actually has no major significance whatsoever outside of the hijab wearers inner circle. The way this works is that girls will judge each other on the height of their hijab bun as opposed to looks and clothing. You know, how every other girl in the world judges her friends.

8. There Is No Truth To The Rumor That Only Deaf Girls Wear Hijabs

facts about hijab - hearing Here is another one of those funny observations that have turned into a legendary misunderstanding. It appears that a high percentage of women who wear hijabs are hard of hearing. Well, that’s the belief, anyway. As it turns out, depending on how the hijab happens to be tied, it can act as a form of ear muff which results in blocking a hijabi’s hearing. Well, that’s the excuse we tend to stick to when we really are not interested in what someone has to say. In Conclusion In light of all these fun facts, when asked “Do Muslim women have to wear hijabs?” the answer is…well, not really. At the end of the day, it’s your choice and your connection to Allah (swt). If you decide you don’t want to wear it, then that’s your religious decision. We would always recommend it as we see it as a part of our faith. If your still clueless about hijabs you can read about what hijabs are here. If however, you happen to be one who won’t leave home without one, you now know some of the fun facts that you can use the next time someone asks you a dumb question about your hijab. Remember, you could always pretend you are deaf and that would be acceptable. Just don’t wear yours in the shower, avoid hugging strangers and try to be a little more flexible the next time you see a great sale on clothes. Hijabs are fun fashion accessories and you should be looking like you own it when you have yours on! by the way, most of the above points have been said to people in various ways. hijab is a way of life for us. But for some people, its a mystery and they come up with so e bizarre questions. Sometimes it’s deliberate and sometimes it is in naivety. have you ever had a weird question asked about your hijab? Let us know in the comments below.

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