Types of Hijab Pins: Styles & Usage

Types of Hijab Pins_ Styles & Usage (3)

No hijab is complete without hijab pins. They are the yin to your yang. The butter to your bread and I’ll stop there as you get the gist and I am starting to a little insane.

Today I am going to be talking about the range of hijab pins available out there, and believe me there are loads.

I remember when I first wore my hijab, to keep it in place all I could use were the regular safety pins.


Safety_PinNow there is a huge variety available out there and it can get so confusing, but here is a quick run through of the different pins available.

You have these fancified  versions of safety pins. They have been used a lot over the years. They are practical and they work their magic in keeping the hijab in place.

Mixed Colour Pins - Hidden Pearls

These pinwheels range from small to large.

Large Teardrop Multi colour

They are cheap and disposable. They are available in black and white as well as colour. They are available in different designs. Each wheel usually has around 40 pins. Now these were originally used as dressmaking pins to keep the fabric in place, trust me I watched my mum use them enough times.

You then have the Diamante Globe Hijab Pins

Blue Diamante Globe Hijab Pin

Now these pins I like, as they give an air of elegance to the hijab without overpowering it. They work really well for parties and weddings.

There are also a range of pretty flower pins. This  here is a flower and pearl hijab pin – It is roughly 6cm in length, so really good as a statement piece similar to a brooch.

Flower & Pearl Hijab Pin - Plum - Hidden Pearls

In comparison to these you have the small flower pins such as the flower hijab pin, daisy hijab pin and the rose pin that you can use everyday.

Flower Hijab Pin Blue - Hidden PearlsRose Hijab Pins - Red - Hidden Pearls

You can use a brooch to keep your hijab in place as well and they look amazing and are available in so many different designs like this.

Antique Flower Hijab Brooch - Purple - Hidden Pearls

You also have the sophisticated pearl hijab pins that look really pretty as well.

Hijab Pin 3

And finally you have the pin that is saving the lives of hijabis, yes really! The magnetic hijab pins. These hijab pins cannot be praised enough. Often with expensive and fragile hijabs one of the biggest problems is that they get torn by the regular pin. Magnetic pins solve this problem. This is not just a hijab pin it’s a pin that will extend your hijab’s life.

Sparkle Magnetic Hijab Pin - All - Hidden Pearls

What type of pins do you go for? What kind of problems have you had with hijab pins? Tell us all about it in the comments below as we would love to hear your views.