5 Top Muslimah Winter Skincare Tips

5 Top Muslimah Winter Skincare Tips

As we near winter our skin may become drier. If we want to prevent ageing, look beautiful, and feel confident then we need to take care of our skin. This can be especially important for the skin on our face and hands. If you are wearing proper hijab then, in sha Allah, the rest of your hair and skin will be protected from the harsh and drying cold winter air.

Here are some tips to make sure you, in sha Allah, have perfect skin through this cold winter! We should remember to take care of ourselves, not just inside, but outside as well. Our bodies are on loan to us so it is important that we make our physical selves a priority and protect that trust. We want to be confident that we are taking care of all the important gifts that Allah has given us and truly be among the grateful.


1. Halal Moisturiser

Use a halal moisturiser on your face, hands, and feet every single morning and night to take care of your skin. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes then you can rinse it off if you wish. I would recommend extra virgin olive oil or black seed oil (nigella sativa). These both can be beneficial. You want extra virgin olive oil so that it will be less processed and better for your skin. You may also want to get thick winter socks and gloves and make a weekly ritual out of covering your hands and feet in extra virgin olive oil then put the gloves and socks on overnight. This can help you achieve that baby soft and youthful skin in sha Allah! There are many youthful looking older ladies who make it a habit to apply extra virgin olive oil to their faces and bodies often. Some ladies will even get enough olive oil to bathe in!

Olive Oil - Skincare

2. Unscented Lotions

Keep an unscented halal lotion near you at all times in order to take care of your skin. Keep one in your purse, near your computer, by your bed, and anywhere else you spend a lot of time. The moment you feel any itchy skin or dryness immediately apply it to the areas that are causing you trouble. This will, in sha Allah, keep your skin soft and youthful. This is also a tactic that some women use who look much younger than their actual age. There is a Japanese woman who follows a similar routine to this one and she looks far younger than her actual age. You would be surprised and amazed! It truly can make a remarkable difference. So be sure to stock up on halal lotions and put them in eyesight everywhere you spend a lot of time. To show your love, be sure to give your sisters, friends, and mother some halal lotions too! We should spread our caring and positive attitudes to those we love.

3. Exfoliate!

Sugar Scrub

Exfoliate your skin at least 3 times per week to remove the dead skin cells. This can help increase the circulation in your skin. You can use a microdermabrasion kit, halal exfoliating scrub (or sugar scrub), or just a somewhat rough towel or a loofah. Make sure to apply your olive oil or black seed oil afterwards to prevent dryness. This exfoliation plan has the potential to slow ageing and even possibly reverse it! Exfoliation plays a major role in the anti-ageing rituals of many women! Remember that it can clear away those pesky dead skin cells and reveal glowing skin underneath! Be sure to exercise caution so that you do not over-exfoliate. This can have a negative effect. Although salt scrubs can be just as good!

4. Drink Water

Water - Skincare


One of the best ways to take care of your skin is to drink enough water! If you are thirsty you may have waited too long. Try to avoid drinking too many drying things like tea, soda, and coffee. These can act as a diuretic and remove moisture from your body. When you are thirsty drink water. Avoid energy drinks as well. By moisturizing your body from the inside then in sha Allah, you will be rewarded with more youthful, glowing skin! The eight glasses a day “rule” is largely a myth. Your weight, how much you are sweating, how hot the temperature is, etc. all can play a role in how much water you, personally, need. Make sure to listen to your body!

5. Sleep

Get your sleep! Follow the sunnah of sleeping directly after Aisha and wake up for Tahhajud (at least a few minutes prior to fajr). In sha Allah this will make your body follow its natural circadian rhythm and make you more rested, happy, and overall healthier. Aisha reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, would not sleep before evening prayer and he would not stay up after it. Getting sleep also may be able to help you age more beautifully! Your body spends a lot of time repairing/regenerating while you rest. This is a very important time to take advantage of if you want to attain your optimum levels of health, in sha Allah. Do not neglect sleep because too little sleep can have the opposite effects. Too little sleep may contribute to wrinkling skin and it may also make your body hold onto fat! So it is very important for us to get the proper amount (and times) of sleep to preserve our beauty and our health, in sha Allah.


Sleep - Skincare


One final way to take care of your skin is to avoid the sun! If you are already wearing proper Islamic hijab you are already most of the way there! By covering your skin and hair you are doing a huge service to protect it from ageing. You can also take the extra precaution of wearing a halal sunscreen (SPF) on your face and hands whenever you leave the house. This is a major habit of many youthful-looking ladies! Just be sure to confirm that the chemicals used are both halal and good for your skin. All-natural products that are also alcohol-free are recommended. As an important note: Skincare products containing alcohol are very drying to the skin and can increase the speed you age. So not only is alcohol bad for your insides but its also bad for your outside. Be sure to check the ingredients labels for any hidden alcohol content.

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