VIP – The Ultimate Hijabis Styling Guide

The aim of this guide is to offer advice on outfit ideas, colours and hijabs so that you know how to dress classy, chic yet modest. This will improve your ability to create your own unique personal style!

For us it is all about taking chic hijab fashion to a whole new level and for you to be able to define your own personal style and look confident.

This ultimate guide is a crash course in:

  • The Hijabi’s Saviour – The Colour Wheel
    This gives a brief background on colour groups and then looks at what colours can best work together, whether you fall in the warm or cool colour group, and how you can style using different methods.
  • Learn the art of matching your hijab to your skin tone!
    Give your hijab a colour makeover by matching and buying hijabs that will suit your skin tone – this will change the way you look at yourself, your closet and your style.
  • Prints: to wear or not to wear?
    Get the most out of your clothes by ensuring you know how to match your prints with solid colours for the best look and how not to wear all print!

Fat cat promises that this hijab styles guide will give you improved confidence in your style, physical appearance, and bring out the chic and elegant girl in you!

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