Back to Shopping – Taking Precautions

Back to Shopping - taking precautions

Is It Back To Normality?

The first time we stepped out after staying indoors was surreal. It felt like we had entered a horror movie. A simple trip to Sainsbury’s and all you could see were empty roads in a place that was usually bustling with people. Gradually things have started to get better, and now it’s very likely that almost all shops will be re-opening on the 15th of June 2020.

BUT it won’t be the same as before!

People feel unsafe at the shops right now. We all have to think about our families, our children and the elderly. This means it is important that retailers implement proper safety measures if they want to entice people back into their stores, and enabling and enforcing proper social distancing (staying two metres away from people who you don’t live with) will be key to this.

In preparing for reopening, a lot of retailers have been working on plans to ensure effective social distancing is in place and the chances of coronavirus spreading are reduced as much as possible. Some are even considering taking temperatures at the door to ensure the safety of others. (This has already been done by some countries such as Saudia Arabia).

Retailers have been advised to keep returned items aside rather than putting them straight back onto display. It won’t be easy and waiting times will most likely be lengthy. Added to this, there will be an extra burden on shops to ensure that items people have tried on have been quarantined and steamed. Moreover, fitting rooms will be to be sanitised every time a customer uses it.

Similar systems are in place in countries where shops are already reopening: department stores in Canada, France and Italy have said they’re quarantining and steaming tried-on garments, as well as sanitising fitting rooms between customers. Whilst this will be a difficult task for big retailers, they have the resources and money to do so. Small businesses will be suffering as it will be additional out of pocket expenses unless the government pitches in to help.

Here is how you can help when shops reopen:

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