7 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Hijab From Smelling!


There comes a time in every hijabi’s life that you start smelling a whiff of something funny and quickly realise that it might no longer be a good idea to wear the hijab out and about.

This is a problem that most of us Hijabis face especially when it is hot and humid because we are constantly sweating and the hijab or scarf is absorbing the sweat. Here are 7 great tips that I have picked up. They are tried and tested. Some I found to have worked brilliantly and a few I am yet to try out.


1. Soap

Use cold or tepid water and soap to rinse out your scarf. After doing this squeeze out any excess water and allow the scarf to air dry naturally.


2. Baking soda

if your scarf or hijab is letting our very strong smells, try covering the hijab all over with baking soda to absorb the smell. Some people strongly recommend placing the scarf and baking soda inside a plastic bag and leave it for a whole day for it to work. You then take it out and shake all the excess baking soda off and leave to air out.


3. Let it air out

This is one of the greatest and quickest solutions for hijabs that have a “slight” smell. All you have to do is quite literally follow Taylor Swift’s technique and shake it off. If the song can work for a nurse teaching hand washing techniques it can work for us to just shake it off and let it breath out.

4. Hang it out the old fashioned way – on a clothes line!

Remember those golden old age days when our mothers’ use to hang out clothes to dry on a washing line? Well this tactic works brilliantly and is similar to the first but involves a bit more time. Try leaving your scarf or hijab out in the fresh air overnight to get rid of the stench. If you don’t have a washing line, you can hang it on the back of a chair.

washing line

5. Spray a dash of perfume

Ok so by dash we mean a quick spritz, not heave all the perfume bottle onto your hijab or scarf. Why? because the whole world does not need to smell your over splashed and heavily scented hijab. Use a perfume that is subtle in smell but strong enough to override the smell of the hijab. This way, the only person that can smell your nice perfume will be you or the person that is standing very close to you. It is not recommended that a Muslim woman’s perfume is noticeable to non-mahram men around her according to Islamic teachings!

pink perfume

6. Essential oils

Get a box and drip a few drops of your favourite essential oil, orange blossom or lavender for example. Place your hijab inside and let them absorb the smell and then your all set to head out. I tend to be careful with essential oils as they can be quite strong smelling and you have to be very careful you don’t use one that smells too strongly like rosemary.

7. Vinegar

When you hand wash your scarves or hijabs be sure to add 1/4 cup white vinegar to the water, rinse well and hang out to dry. Once the hijabs or scarves have dried the smell should have disappeared and If you’re lucky, any stains you might have had would also have disappeared!


Let us know how these tips work out and do share with us any tips that you might have that have worked out well! Also make sure to check out our hijabs section for some new scarves that you can wear out without having to worry about them smelling!

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