10 Hijabs Not To Be Missed This Winter

12 hijabs not to be missed this winter (1)

The fall season is all about a transition from hotter to cooler temperatures in which the trees start to shed and cover up the streets with crusty brown leaves while the winds get wilder.

Although it’s a season where everything seems to be quiet and gloomy outside, you can still make it all look more active and vibrant by wearing bright coloured hijabs. Who doesn’t love maintaining a good hijabs fashion sense every season when you have a whole lot of variety to choose from?

This autumn there are 5 colours to look out for. With black running the forefront. we know that black is  an absence of colour, but we can’t ignore the fact that head-to-toe black outfits are ruling all over social media at the moment. You really cannot go wrong with any of our hijabs in black. The other 5 colours will be spotted through the article. Let us know if you see them!


Finding the right hijab

If you’re a hijabi living in the UK, we are sure it must be difficult for you to find the right kind of hijabs at any of the high-end stores on the streets which is why we have brought to you just the right online store in which you will find an entire world of all types of hijabs that you have never ever seen or heard of before. From plain hijabs to multi-tone embroidered hijabs, you will find out-of-the-world hijab fashion ideas that will make you look like you’re a famous fashion blogger with a great hijab sense.

With so many options, like chiffon, viscose, jersey and embroidered hijabs, you will find the most suitable kind of hijab fabrics here that you can wear this season and look your best on a daily basis. So, without further due, let’s take a deep dive into a pile of classic hijabs that you will definitely fall in love with and not leave empty-handed by the time you finish reading this.

10 Hijabs For Winter

1. Jersey Hijab:

taslim_r - 15 winter hijabs

2. Everyday Jersey Plain Hijab:

If you’re the girl who loves wearing printed outfits, like floral, animal or digital prints then styling it up with a plain jersey hijab would be the best way to complete the look.

Jersey hijabs are best for wearing hijab styles in any way you want; from a turban style to a simple neck wrap, you wouldn’t have to worry about the hijab falling off as the fabric is good enough to stay in place just the way you wrap it around your head. No worries for the strong winds of autumn to move it out of place.

This Autumn, the leaf-inspired colour burnt-prange trend is our favourite  plus it’s sure to look just as good now as it will in December. Win-win. Check out our burnt orange colour in our everyday Jersey hijabs,

Diamante Jersey Border Hijabs:

According to the latest fall fashion trends of 2021, Add some sparkle to your cold-weather style with these sparkling diamante hijabs.

Thinking of wearing an all-black outfit for the day? Try styling it up with a coffee-coloured hijab and see all the compliments flood in when you show up at your office.

3. Chiffon Hijabs

With the trending autumn colours, if you’re desperate for a little autumnal inspo, keep scrolling to see the five colours that we are most excited to wear and click on the links to see the hijabs that would work!

Royal Blue /Cobalt Blue –Taking over from the powder blues from last year, cobalt blue is the saturated hue overcoming instagram & tik tok.
Check out our Everyday Chiffon Hijab in this stunning colour. Our Everyday chiffon hijab is one of the most versatile fabrics for hijabs and one of the most elegant and flowing. You can layer it with a thick scarf around you and still look great during winter.

4. Chiffon Black Lace Hijab:

If you want your hijab to represent the right colours of autumn, then going for a chiffon black lace hijab is your answer. With this amazing hijab fashion, you will find just the right colours, like burnt orange and bright green with a touch of black lace which will instantly brighten up your mood just like these bright fall colours.

I think most of us have a bit of a love-hate relationship with eye-popping shades of green, and it can certainly be a tricky look to pull off.  However in autumn 2021, this colour can rock in in soft flowy chiffon .

5. Side Pleat Chiffon Hijab:

Side pleat hijabs are our favourite ones of all. Not only do they look elegant, but they also make your entire outfit stand out in a subtle yet effecitve way. Enough for all heads to turn and stare at the effortless hijab style that you’ve rocked with your favourite pants with a cute ruffle top.

Beige/Pale peach is another trending colour this winter. It has an earthier tone than pink and is a flattering colour on most skin tones. It’s an easy-to-wear shade and works well with other colours, such as white, for a fresh, preppy look or grey for a more muted, classic style. It also looks great with pale denim jeans. The soft pink in our range of Side Pleat Chiffon Hijab is perfect.

6. Two-Tone Chiffon Hijab:

Just like any other piece from your wardrobe, hijabs too, have their own trends, like this two-tone chiffon hijab. If you’re confused about which colour of the outfit you should contrast your hijab with, then go for a two-tone hijab that will match up with more than one colour from your dress and solve all your problems.

sauf.etc Winter hijab styles

7. Every Day Pearl Hijab

Does it ever make you feel sad, that you can’t show off some cute pearl jewellery that you got from your favourite shop while wearing a hijab? Worry not, as this everyday pearl viscose hijab will do justice and give you just the right feels of wearing pearls all over your hijab and also glamming up the plain dress that you have chosen for the day.

 8. Crochet Lace Hijab

Are you a lace lover? We’ve got just the right hijab that you might need this autumn season. our crochet lace hijab will stylishly take you through this season and beyond. Offering elegant pieces that are comfortable and easy-to-care-for, it’s made soft fabric, that will keep you warm and have you looking amazing all at once.

Crochet Lace Golden Brown website 2pg

9 Ribbon Hijab

The world seems to fall apart when you just can’t find the right hijab to wear with those heavy traditional dresses that you plan on wearing at weddings or family occasions. If you have any events like these coming up in the fall, then we recommend you to try out these ribbon hijabs, which would perfectly blend in with the heavy embroidery of your dresses and make you feel your best throughout such gatherings.

10. Silk Floral Hijab

Nothing beats our silk floral hijabs. If you are someone who’s highly inspired by silks then this is the one hijab you must have. The Floral hijabs come in metallic colours such as gold, emerald and garnet. This hijab adds impact with its eye-catching floral pattern. It is an ideal addition to any well-edited wardrobe, whether at home or away.


Silk Floral Hijab



With all these amazing hijabs shared you amazing ladies, we are sure that you have probably chosen or even added some to the list of hijabs fashion to try this fall season.

If you haven’t already bought any of these hijabs as of yet, then you can surely click on the links that we have provided with every hijab or simply, just visit our website, https://www.hidden-pearls.co.uk/to find a big variety of different hijabs available for purchase with the finest quality and affordable prices that will leave a big smile on your face when we get them delivered to you with lots of love. Now would be a great time to do a hijab shopping as we have a good 70% off sale on more than 250+ hijabs to choose from.

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