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Hijab Styles for 5 Faces

hijab styles for face shapes

Hijab Styles for 5 Faces is here to solve your problems. So are you constantly battling with styles and unsure of what style suits you?  Fat Cat is here to help you find your face shape and the styles that you will look good, comfortable and presentable in. However always remember, beauty comes from within. […]

Depression – An Islamic Perspective?

Depression & Islam - Hidden Pearls

Are you depressed? Trust me you are not mad nor are you alone! Shocked? Muslim societies for years have seen depression as a person being crazy, this has led to thousands of Muslims suffering from the illness because they refuse to seek help out of embarrassment that they will be seen as being crazy. What […]

Periods In Islam – Get Your Facts Straight!

Are Periods dirty? Over the years I have constantly been asked why we are not allowed to pray or fast when we are on our period. It could be quite disconcerting as we would be likened to cultures that went to the extreme of shunning women out of the kitchen and not allowing the women […]