Halal Nail Polish Hits The Market!

halal nail polish

Nail polish has never been acceptable to Muslim women because of its interference with Wudu (ablution). Many of us opt not to wear it except on those days every month when we’re menstruating and don’t need to perform the daily salaah. Let’s face it, some of us actually look forward to our cycle because of […]

3 Summer Hijabs To Invest In Now!

3 Summer Hijabs To Invest In Now!

This blog and the matching video has been made with you guys in mind.  We have been asked many times what hijabs are suitable for summer. When we were younger the only options we had for hijabs were thick triangle shaped hijabs, usually only available in black or white (brown if we were occasionally lucky!) […]

Islam for Reverts: Salah Step by Step Guide

Salah for Revert Muslims

This video is about the most important pillar of practical Islam: Salah/Namaz/Prayer. It is the first of our long series of videos that we have been busy producing for revert Muslims. Most of the time born Muslims do not fully comprehend the struggles of Muslims converts. There are lots of reasons for this including: Most […]

Our History With Dates

Medjool Dates

Last year you provided valuable feedback to us: Our chocolates were mouth-watering & delicious. We then had requests for chocolate covered dates, but one of your major concerns was the price. Chocolate covered dates were just too darn expensive! We listened and are back again this Ramadan with some very good news! So we embarked […]

Date – Small But Packs A Punch!


Dates are considered one of the superfoods. And while superfoods don’t actually give you the ability to shoot lasers out of your eyes, they do provide the most bang for your buck when actively pursuing a healthy diet. Dates are high in carbs and provide immediate energy and are very low in fat. They have […]

World Hijab Day – Celebrating Muslimahs

WHD - Celebrating Muslimahs

World Hijab day was founded by Nazima Khan to encourage women of all religions and backgrounds to be able to wear and experience the hijab. The day has been used by university students and women on the streets to reach out to people. Non-Muslims are given the opportunity to experience what a day in a […]

10 Times Duas are Accepted

ten times dua is accepted

Contents1 Dua – The connection between You and Allah1.1 Guidelines for making duas1.2 What are the circumstances in Which Duas are accepted? Dua – The connection between You and Allah Allah Almighty the great says that: “When my servants ask you concerning me, (tell them) I am indeed close (to them. I listen to the […]