Guest Post: The Symmetry of Women Empowerment

The symmetry of woman empowerment

By Nurnazida Nazri More often than not, we see women organizations claiming equal rights and demanding to be treated alike as men. However, is it true that women and men are born to be equal and have coincident strengths? Maybe it is time to discuss this subject, whether women, by claiming for self-determination is […]

The hijab – a killer sexual object!

The Hijab - A killer sexual object banner

Contents1 Ofsted tackles serious issues… the hijab!2 Hijab – another battle for Muslims3 Are children forced to wear it?4 Views of Jewish establishments5 Are Muslims being treated unjustly?6 Views of ex-teachers and parents Ofsted tackles serious issues… the hijab! The hijab has finally come under the spotlight. For all the wrong reasons of course. Earlier […]

Hijabs to wear this winter!

No Hijabi’s winter wardrobe is complete without some fabulous wintery Hijabs. Get ready for a stylish winter with Hidden Pearls’ list of hijabs that are sure to have you flaunting your hijabs gracefully whilst keeping the chills at bay. Remember to coordinate your outfits to your hijabs. Try refreshing your wardrobe with a little colour, […]

Mother: A Road to Jannah

Mother is Road to Jannah 2 - Hidden Pearls

Contents1 The beginning of it all2 When things broke apart3 When you start to see yourself change for the worst4 When everything started to end5 Those final hours The beginning of it all In Islam, a mother is given great importance. She is the centre that holds everything together. I remember as a child whether […]

The Halal Sex Guide – Bonus: Wedding Night Guide for Muslims


Although when we are writing this guide, our main aim is to cover wedding night and sex life from a woman’s perspective however the general points can be applied to both men and women. Please note that the aim of the guide is to help practising Muslim brothers and sisters to enjoy intimacy according to […]

7 Secret Hijab Hacks You Didn’t Know

7 hijab hack secrets you didn't know! (9)

Hacks are generally known as a shortcut or a skill that is a quick measure in increasing productivity and efficiency – in my words it’s just a short code to an everyday problem when you’re feeling incredibly lazy and don’t want to put the effort in…Let’s face it, almost all of us get lazy once […]

My Hijab Journey – A Hidden Pearl!

My Hijab Journey - Hidden Pearls

Contents1 Fat Cat’s big day2 Learning the wisdom behind the hijab3 The physical hijab of a woman4 Does hijab have to be worn around everyone?4.1 Non-Mahram5 Jihad of the Hijab6 Do it for the sake of Allah!7 Stop thinking, take the plunge! Fat Cat’s big day At the age of the thirteen it was not common […]

Triumphing Lupus SLE – Fat Cat’s Story!

Lupus banner 2

For years I struggled with Lupus SLE until I eventually helped myself and now I want to help others also living with Lupus. To date, I have tried various treatments, herbal remedies and loads of praying. After many years I finally found relief from a combination that worked for me and there’s no indication that […]

7 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Hijab From Smelling!


There comes a time in every hijabi’s life that you start smelling a whiff of something funny and quickly realise that it might no longer be a good idea to wear the hijab out and about. This is a problem that most of us Hijabis face especially when it is hot and humid because we are […]