7 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Hijab From Smelling!


There comes a time in every hijabi’s life that you start smelling a whiff of something funny and quickly realise that it might no longer be a good idea to wear the hijab out and about. This is a problem that most of us Hijabis face especially when it is hot and humid because we are […]

5 Massive Misconceptions About Muslim Women


At a time when the world is ripe with Islamophobia the image of a Muslim woman has become warped and misunderstood. Amongst the debate for immigration and foreign policy, a set stereotype has been created of the Muslim woman. This stereotype does not capture the true essence of her or the experience she has in today’s society. Disappointingly, an image […]

The Ultimate Islamic & Eid Gifts Guide

Ultimate Eid Guft Guide Banner

Although at the beginning we will focus on the two major festivals for Muslims, this article is based around the idea of giving both Ramadan and Eid gifts and the right intentions behind it. During Eid a lot of gift-giving takes place. however, there are other occasions where gifts are also given such as when a […]

Ramadan (Fasting) – A Way To Cure Diabetes And Repair The Pancreas

Hidden pearls - ramadan & fasting article

Could fasting that was prescribed by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (saw) more than 1400 years ago hold the cure to one of the most epidemic diseases of the modern lifestyle? Contents Diabetes, Should I really care? Currently, the number of people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK is estimated to be 3.5 million. It is […]

Part 2: Learn the art of matching your hijab to your skin tone!

Part 2 Learn the art of matching your hijab to your skin tone!

If you are looking to freshen up your wardrobe with clothing that complements your skin tone, you’ve come to the right place. Fat Cat will unleash the secrets behind matching your hijab to your skin tone! Like all you gorgeous ladies, waking up in the morning can be a mission for Fat Cat. After dragging herself […]

Part 3: Prints – to wear or not to wear?

Part 2 Learn the art of matching your hijab to your skin tone!

This is part III of the Ultimate Hijabis Guide. If you haven’t read part I Hijabi’s Saviour – The colour wheel or part II Learn the art matching your hijab to your skin tone I would highly recommend you read those two first before carrying on any further. This part is all about prints as hijabis can often find themselves at […]

VIP – The Ultimate Hijabis Styling Guide

The aim of this guide is to offer advice on outfit ideas, colours and hijabs so that you know how to dress classy, chic yet modest. This will improve your ability to create your own unique personal style! For us it is all about taking chic hijab fashion to a whole new level and for you […]