Ramadan for Muslims with Tips and Free Download!

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Contents1 Why do Muslims fast during Ramadan?2 Ramadan Tips2.1 1. Be sure not to overeat!2.2 2. Delay Suhoor2.2.1 Toasted bread with egg and smashed avocado. So easy to make and delicious!2.2.2 Chickpea & Salad Pitta2.3 3. Hurry to break your fast2.4 4. Worship consistently2.5 5. Avoid bad deeds2.6 5. Power of Dua2.7 6. Find a […]

Hijabi Guide Part 6: Dressing For your Body Shape

Hijabi Guide Part 6_ Dressing For your Body Shape

Dressing for your body shape as a hijabi in a way that looks and feels good can be a struggle for anyone, but sometimes dressing as a hijabi adds an extra challenge. Of course, you want to avoid certain styles to maintain your modesty, but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose clothes that are stylish. […]

Gift Giving – The Best Act of Generosity in Islam

Gift-giving is so important in Islam. Imagine that you’ve come home after a long, exhausting day and found a box sitting on the counter, tied with a bow. Envision that that box is filled with some of your favourite things. Imagine that the tag is signed by someone you love and care for. Just imagine… […]