Get Your Kids Ready for Ramadan

Children can get very excited about Ramadan because they know it’s a time of celebrating for them, a bit like Christmas or Hanukkah. It’s a really good idea to get your kids Ramadan ready by equipping them with the correct information. Contents Important for Children to understand Ramadan The holy month of Ramadan is fast […]

Ramadan for Muslims with Tips and Free Download!

Ramadan Tips Article Banner - Hidden Pearls

Contents Why do Muslims fast during Ramadan? Fasting during Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam along with: Shahada – the declaration of faith, Salah – prayer, Zakat – giving charity and Hajj – pilgrimage to Mecca, which makes it mandatory. The purpose of fasting is to bring one closer to Allah, purify […]

Hijabi Guide Part 6: Dressing For your Body Shape

Hijabi Guide Part 6_ Dressing For your Body Shape

Dressing for your body shape as a hijabi in a way that looks and feels good can be a struggle for anyone, but sometimes dressing as a hijabi adds an extra challenge. Of course, you want to avoid certain styles to maintain your modesty, but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose clothes that are stylish. […]

Gift Giving – The Best Act of Generosity in Islam

Gift-giving is so important in Islam. Imagine that you’ve come home after a long, exhausting day and found a box sitting on the counter, tied with a bow. Envision that that box is filled with some of your favourite things. Imagine that the tag is signed by someone you love and care for. Just imagine… […]