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Shaymaa Khoury Avatar
Shaymaa Khoury

I don't like writing reviews to be honest. But if you are searching for gifts for your Muslim friends, then look no further, this is... read more

10 Jun 2019
Munnaza Iqbal Majid Avatar
Munnaza Iqbal Majid

Last minute Eid shopping with hidden pearls very happy with the service and product I received kept me well informed during the order to delivery.... read more

06 Jun 2019
Raniyah Ghufran Avatar
Raniyah Ghufran

Lovely collection of Eid gifts and very quick delivery too!

24 Feb 2019
Deepa Pancholi Avatar
Deepa Pancholi

Really great website products came very quick.would recommend to everyone definitely will be ordering from them again!

11 Jun 2019
andrea neophytou Avatar
andrea neophytou

Delicious dates and a wonderful service experience

21 Jun 2019
Asif Ali Avatar
Asif Ali

5 Stars
Good quality hijabs, ordered for a friend. She was pleased with it. I like that they deliver quick and that if there is a...
read more

22 Mar 2019
Dawna Buller Avatar
Dawna Buller

I ordered a bunch of stuff including Kids hijabs ( a huge array to choose from and they did not disappoint. The elegant look for... read more

26 May 2019
Z Mogul Avatar
Z Mogul

Highly recommend this site. They have a lovely collection of hijabs, amazing customer service and fast delivery too. I will most definitely be ordering from... read more

10 Jun 2019
Chocolate Dates
The Best Dates EVA!!!

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