Wedding Gifts - Islamic Gifts
Wedding Gifts - Islamic Gifts
Wedding Gifts - Islamic Gifts


Marriage is a step into a different World and is not just a blessing but also a new exciting journey for both spouses. The Wedding Gift Box is a little cheeky but we think it is a nice way to make the newly-wed couple feel special!

Among His signs is that He created for you mates from among yourselves, in order to have tranquility with them and He put love and mercy between your (hearts) : verily in that are signs for those who reflect (Quran, Ar-Rum [30:21])

Our Marriage Gift Box Includes:

  • 1 of our Silk Hijab – Smooth as butter, the silk hijab is pure luxury. Choose from a wide variety of colours.
  • 2 beautiful Hijab Pins To stop that hijab slipping and messing with hair.
  • Box of Handmade Chocolates – Containing 4 handmade premium chocolates exclusive to Hidden Pearls. They are totally halal and if you are lucky she might even share one with you! The box will contain 4 of the following chocolates:
    • Mouthwatering Strawberry Cheesecake – Delicious strawberry filling, topped with white chocolate and finally dusted with freeze-dried strawberry pieces.
    • Caramel Delight – A milk chocolate barrel with a rich oozing caramel filling.
    • Cookies & Cream – Smooth creamy centre with rich biscuit pieces of dark chocolate
    • Hazelnut Gateau – Hazelnut pieces encased in praline and pure milk chocolate, simply melt in your mouth heaven
    • Cappuccino – Combination of coffee, caramel, and pure milk chocolate, the best of all worlds!
    • Pure Dark Truffle – Indulge your senses in our pure dark truffle chocolate, a completely decadent treat!
  • Tasbeeh made of glass beads with a tassel – For that beautiful Islamic sentimental element, we’ve included a pretty tasbeeh to finish off the look. This necklace is 38 inches long (excluding the tassel) and has just over 100 beads.
  • A Sensuous Massage Candle – To celebrate their union, we have cheekily added the sensuous massage candle containing ylang ylang, sweet orange and patchouli. These essential oils are traditionally used as aphrodisiacs on Indonesian wedding beds to stimulate and excite the senses….need we say more?
  • Couples Keyring – Well they will already be completely lost in each other, but this cute key ring set joins together to create a complete heart. Sigh!
  • Congratulations Card Signed off with a message from you for their beautiful new future!

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Exchange gifts, you will love one another.” What the hadeeth means is that giving gifts may generate and increase love. Get them a beautiful gift to certainly make a newly wed couple smile and feel loved.


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Silk Plain Hijab

First Diamante Hijab Pin

Second Diamante Hijab Pin

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