• Comes in a gift box. Packed full of a little of everything. The value of goods is at least £60. May contain:

    Bath bombs, soaps, salts
    Mini Quran
    Big Quran
    Chocolates or Chocolate Dates
    And more…..

Take the pressure of choosing the perfect Islamic gift and get them a real surprise for once! Our mystery gift box is made with you in mind. We know you want the hassle taken out of what to choose for your wife, sister, mother or any woman close to you!
We personally know how excited we feel opening these gifts up, so we wanted to transfer this feeling to others’ the particularly exciting part being that the mystique was delivered in a mystery box, with the customer not knowing what was in the box, until it was opened! So not only will she get the surprise so will you!

We promise that the value of the items inside our mystery box will be more than the price you have paid for the box! We source the best products from the most respected suppliers both here in the UK and abroad. All items are new!

‘No Questions Asked’ Return Policy within 14 days!

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