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Suitable for children aged 7+.

The Quiz Gift Set Includes:

Akhlaaq Comes Alive Book – Often adults can find it difficult to find a fun way to teach children Akhlaaq. Akhlaq is all about moral values and good manners in Islam. Akhlaaq Comes Alive, helps achieve this in a fun way. The book covers a wide range of moral issues and the occasions in daily life when good manners are essential. Colourful and story-filled, with an easy-to-use format and short skits, it will give a better understanding of each akhlaaq by encouraging children, parents, and teachers to engage in role-playing. Each theme, listed alphabetically, is expressed in simple language and has attractive illustrations on every page. What better way to learn akhlaaq than by acting it out?

Halal Jelly Sweets  – We all know how much kids love sweets!

2 Quiz Card packs (Each pack contains 54 cards) – We will send you 2 from a selection of 6 different quiz packs. The Quiz packs include Hadith, Quran, Islam and other Quiz cards. with many insightful multiple-choice questions on fascinating topics. These are perfect for the classroom, holidays or family gathering. You will get 2 of the following (feel free to specify which):

  • Hadith Quiz Pack – With over a hundred fascinating, and insightful multiple choice questions based on Hadiths, ranging from family life, social values, peace and spirituality, hereafter, Islamic character, duas of the Prophet and much more.
  • Quran Verses Quiz Pack – Multiple-choice questions based on the Quranic verses, ranging from the first revelation, the shortest surah, the number of chapters in the Quran, the names of the surahs and much more.
  • Islamic Teachings Quiz –  Multiple-choice questions based on the sayings and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and the Quran.
  • The Quran Quiz – The questions based on facts, trivia relating to the teachings of the Quran, range over revelation, verses, commandments, the lives of the prophets and much more.
  • The Seerah Quiz – The questions, based on facts, trivia relating to the life of the Prophet range over the birth of the Prophet, his early years, his family life, revelation, preaching, the migration, the spread of Islam and much more.

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