Suitable for 3- 8-Year-Olds.

Comes gift packed in cellophane and tied off with a bow. Pictures coming soon.
This fun activity and arts and crafts pack will have children busy for hours! It’s jam-packed with loads of fun stuff:

  • One of these books: The Hadith Activity Book for Kid, The Seerah Activity Book for Kid or The Quran Activity Book for Kids
    These are captivating books for children to learn about hadith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad) /Quran/ Seerah (the life of the Prophet Muhammad) depending on which book you choose. the books are engaging and fun.  It contains highly attractive artwork to inspire creativity; a carefully chosen collection of activities to instil moral values; fascinating facts to provide a basic understanding of hadith and Seerah; Learn about he Quran and some fun-filled activities at the end to help children enjoy what they have learnt so far.
  • Bundle of craft from any of the following:
    • Pom Poms, tinsels, coloured card or papers, colouring pens or pencils, glue, stick-on shapes, match sticks, tissue paper
  • A small pack of HMC halal-certified jelly sweets. 

‘No Questions Asked’ Return Policy within 14 days!


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