Suitable for 3- 8-Year-Olds.

Sunnah Letters is an activity pack inspired in connection with a volunteer of Little Treasures of Jannah to encourage children to learn simple Sunnah that can be followed on a daily basis and incorporated into children’s manners and routines.

It was decided to select 28 Sunnahs to be followed on a monthly basis and to be used all year round. Extensive research was undertaken to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the Sunnah used and much work was done to simplify the words used to ensure the pack was suitable for young children to young adults alike.

Sunnah Letters were first launched in February 2017 to raise funds for Penny Appeal Smile Relief Campaign and Al-humdu lillah with the funds raised Little Treasures of Jannah was able to sponsor 2 orphans for a year. The pack included 28 Sunnah cards, 28 coloured envelopes and 4 bonus Du’aa cards. First print of the Sunnah Letters sold out within a week and reprints were ordered twice to meet the demand.  In 2018 Little Treasures of Jannah relaunched Sunnah Letters with a successful response.

Recently, Sunnah Letters has been redesigned, branded and repackaged to be brought to the larger Muslim market nationally and internationally, In Shaa Allah.

Sunnah Letters were produced with the aim of bringing the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ as a physically practical act in our daily lives. Simple Sunnah were selected from authentic hadiths and rephrased into a simple instruction with the motivating phrase Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said. Little Treasures of Jannah decided to add challenges and action points as additional motivators which can be used to encourage children to follow the sunnah.

The aim of naming the pack Sunnah Letters was to bring alive the message of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ as something practical to families today. children are intrigued by the post arriving and young children often get excited to receive letters address to them. Therefore, the pack was designed to include envelopes for each Sunnah which could be opened everyday by children and then discussed as a family and In Shaa Allah implemented for the day.

30 Sunnahs were selected to work alongside the monthly calendar to encourage families to follow a sunnah for a month and then to repeat again for the following month.

The aim is to provide a tracking method for their learning and also to encourage repetitive implementation of the Sunnah. Parents could choose to implement one Sunnah for a week and use the pack over the year or to implement one Sunnah a day and repeat on a monthly basis.
The Sunnah cards could be used in a variety of ways but by keeping the amount to 30 cards, it was felt this was an acceptable and realistic, as well as practical amount to be used in daily busy family lives.

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