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Muslim Hating Right-Wing Italian Politician’s Own Daughter Converts To Islam

Aysha Muslim Revert

Quran says “They plan and Allah plans. Surely Allah is the best of planners!” It seems like this is what exactly happened in the case of ex MP of Italy and multiple times elected Mayor named Franco Barbato. Although not much is known about how exactly his daughter Manuela reverted to Islam. However her Facebook page […]

Periods In Islam – Get Your Facts Straight!

Are Periods dirty? Over the years I have constantly been asked why we are not allowed to pray or fast when we are on our period. It could be quite disconcerting as we would be likened to cultures that went to the extreme of shunning women out of the kitchen and not allowing the women […]

Muslim Inventors – Part I

Muslim Inventors

We live in a World that has been dominated by narrative of the Western media for several decades now. Muslims are evil and barbaric wife-beaters, Chinese are less evil than they used to be and the red Russians are always evil. Although anti-Semitism has vanished from the Western society to a large extent but sadly […]