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Comes in a gift box.

The perfect gift for a New Muslim or someone new to practising.

The perfect gift for a New Muslim. The Quran Gift Set includes:

  • A Hidden Pearls Plain Hijab – Sweet and simple, you can have one for every day or colour to go with your mood. Make it fun for yourself by choosing from a rainbow of colours. Wear blue to show you are deep, calm and reliable, or go all red on the day if you are feeling bold and full of energy, how about yellow to show your curious side and that you are willing to try something new? Choose a colour to reflect your personality – bring your inner mood out!
  • A Quran – Infuse their life with the Glorious words of Allah (swt). Comes in 3 colours. Purple, Green and black. Pink is currently out of stock.
  • A Tasbeeh – A Pretty Tasbeeh made of glass beads with a tassel to finish off the look. This tasbeeh is 38 inches long (excluding the tassel) and has just over 100 beads.
  • A Portable Prayer Mat – When you’re pressed for time and don’t have a prayer mat, our portable prayer mat will save the day! Take it with you wherever you go, it slides into your handbag and is lightweight.

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