Girls Eid Gift Box
Girls Eid Gift Box
Girls Sweets - hidden Pearls
Eid Gift Box - Girls Hijab 4 - hidden Pearls
Ramadan gift Box - Bow - hidden Pearls
Eid Songs - Hidden Pearls
Eid Songs inside - Hidden Pearls
Eid Kareem Amir Saheeb - Hidden Pearls
Eid Kareem Amir Saheeb - Inside - Hidden Pearls
Eid Kareem Amir Saheeb - Inside 2 - Hidden Pearls
Eid Gift Box - Amina and Ayisha Eid Gifts - Hidden Pearls
Eid Gift Box - Amina and Ayisha Eid Gifts Inside - Hidden Pearls
Celebrating Eid-ul fitr with Ama Fatima - Hidden Pearls


Put a smile on their face!
Suitable for children aged 5+.

If you are looking for unique and beautiful presents for that special child look no further! These gift boxes are perfect to increase your child’s love of Islam during the holy month of Ramadan. Your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces and friends have so much to look forward to!

The Gift Box includes:

  • Hidden Pearls Hijab – A gorgeous everyday plain Al-Amira hijab for girls, simple to slip on and practical for school and going out.
  • Sweets – A gorgeous selection of Jelly sweets for kids lovingly packed and tied off with a pretty ribbon. This yummy selection of mixed sweets has everything from fried eggs to cola bottles. It has a delicious taste sensation that also includes hearts and teddies. Guaranteed to delight any sweet tooth – no matter their age!
  • Girls’ Bow – This is our favourite hair bow for little girls, just precious!
  • 4 Enlightening Eid Books:
    • Celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr With Ama Fatima -Eid-ul-Fitr is always an occasion for great fun and celebration. After a month-long Ramadan, everybody looks forward to a great Eid, specially when Ama Fatima is around. To celebrate Eid with Ama Fatima is to have lots of fun and a realisation that Eid-ul-Fitr also calls for thanking Allah for His blessings!
    • Eid Kareem Ameer Saab! – This delightful book provides a look into the life of a stingy man and shows how he realises what being a Muslim is really about as Eid draws closer!
    • Aminah and Aisha’s Eid Gifts – Amina and Aisha have fun making a list of things they would like to present others on Eid. This book shows how their surprise boxes bring joy and happiness into the lives of the children receiving them!
    • Eid Songs – A cheerful book of Eid songs to sing on Eid day!

All this is gorgeously wrapped in cellophane and tied off with a bow to look stunning!

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