Silk plain Hijabs She sat in her dazzling silk hijab. She smiled and nodded her head as she listened to her friend at the wedding. Beneath the table, her damp fists crushed the delicate silk of her evening gown while her She worried, had she worn the right hijab? Her friend on the other hand was in awe of the deep plum she was wearing.

Silk plain Hijab exude elegance. Smooth as butter, these gorgeous Silk Hijabs melt against your skin and make you feel like an Arabian princess, they are light as a summer’s breeze against your skin and make you feel absolutely beautiful.

Wear blue to show you are deep, calm and reliable, or go red on the day you are feeling bold and full of energy, how about yellow to show your curious side and that you are willing to try something new? Choose a colour to reflect your personality – bring your inner mood out!

You can also pair it up with our silk shimmer hijab for a glamourous look. For some inspiration click here.


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