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Tia Z Iqbal Avatar
Tia Z Iqbal

I ordered 3 different scarfs and the quality of the scarfs was perfect. Absolutely loved them. The service I received was fantastic, I even received... read more

06 Jan 2020
Çlårå Jąňę Çarđeñ Avatar
Çlårå Jąňę Çarđeñ

great customer service and got to me on time, and they get back to you very quickly if you have an concerns

20 Jan 2020
Andrea Sorzia Avatar
Andrea Sorzia

I bought by Hidden Pearls some hijabs for wearing as a scarves and they were very beautiful, both for the quality of the fabric and... read more

14 Jan 2020
Louisa Khier Avatar
Louisa Khier

It was a pleasure to shop with Hidden Pearls. The hijabs are beautiful and of very high quality. Beautifully packaged with a lovely personalized touch.... read more

03 Dec 2019
Swaleha Tariq Avatar
Swaleha Tariq

Great customer service, selling very nice hijabs MashaAllah tabarakhAllah and was gifted with a free item. Would recommend

23 Jan 2020
Kelly Grosvold Lee Avatar
Kelly Grosvold Lee

I would highly recommend them for their beautiful and UNIQUE selection of hijabs.... and PINS!!! My last order was mostly pins! 😍

31 Aug 2019

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