Not all girls want to wear underscarves and some get away without wearing underscarves while for others it is a must. For some, the benefit of an underscarf is keeping wisps of hair coming out of your hijab and keeping the hijab secure. Depending on the kind of hijab you’re wearing, you might be okay without it, usually viscose, cotton and modal scarfs are quite good to wear without a underscarf. But usually is found that with silk or satin scarves, an underscarf is important to keep your hijab in place. They also come in handy when pinning your hijab down.


Pins are necessary for keeping your hijab in place and not moving all over the place. Some muslimahs prefer having a pin secured under the chin fro set up the rest of the hijab. You can use safety pins for this, but often the fabric of your scarf gets caught in safety pins which then ruins your hijab!
One of the best solution to this is no snag pins; they’re designed in such a way that they prevent your scarf from snagging. They are not attractive but serve the purpose in a economical manner. For more colourful and pretty pins, you can find them almost anywhere including out website. Some muslimahs also like to use broaches, while some choose to stick with straight pins. Really there is so much choice.

For Both underscarves and pins we have given you a basically guide here. Enjoy reading!