2 Day Hijab Styling Course

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Course Information

The course has been created to help you become a successful hijab stylist. You do not need any styling experience, the course will take you from the basics of styling a hijab to creating the perfect bridal hijab.

This course will cover the following aspects:

  • Preparing the hair underneath the hijab on both party and bridal styling
  • Understanding the foundation of the hijab base
  • Understanding face and head shapes
  • Learning the difference in how to style difference face and head shapes. Not all styles suit all face shapes!
  • Understanding the difference between party styling and bridal styling
  • How to pin securely, safely and effectively
  • Learning how to adapt party styles to bridal
  • Learning different techniques – pleating, rouging, flowering, cross pleating etc.
  • How to create different bridal looks for dupatta setting
  • How to effectively pin in jewellery and bridal dupattas to keep them secure
  • How to securely pin in accessories
  • How to incorporate accessories into your styling so that the bride or customer looks amazing..

Course times: 10.00 am – 4.30 pm Tuesday & Wednesday

Location: London

Fee: £500