Muslim Hating Right-Wing Italian Politician’s Own Daughter Converts To Islam

Aysha Muslim Revert

Quran says “They plan and Allah plans. Surely Allah is the best of planners!” It seems like this is what exactly happened in the case of ex MP of Italy and multiple times elected Mayor named Franco Barbato. Although not much is known about how exactly his daughter Manuela reverted to Islam. However her Facebook page according to Italian media is further proof of her open conversion. Below are few pictures of Manuela Franco Barbato, who now prefers herself to be addressed by the name “Aysha”:

Mr Franco Barbato has never been a huge fan of Islam, so it is not difficult to realise that this came as a massive shock to the Islamophobic ex parliamentarian know for his unorthodox and controversial style of politics. “The hijab is my way, the way that Allah has chosen for me” was posted on Aysha’s Facebook wall.  The decision of sudden change in Manuela has sparked uproar across Italy. Aysha was studying in L’Orientale University of Naples. However before even completing her studies she moved to India with her husband and changed her lifestyle completely. She is now completing her studies in India and lives there with her husband and children. Prior to this, Ms Manuela was living with her family including her father in southern Italian city of Naples. She wrote further on her Facebook page “I am proud of the purity of my soul. This is the divine law, who am I to object?”

They plan and Allah plans. Surely Allah is the best of planners

Aysha’s father Franco however went on a tirade against her and Islam in a recent interview with Huffington Post. Italy is home to at least 1.6 Million Muslims including a sizeable number of White Italian reverts, which makes Islam the de facto second largest religion of the country. Despite this Islam is not accepted as an official religion whereas both Christianity and Judaism are. This means that mosques cannot receive public funds, Islamic weddings have no legal value and Muslim workers aren’t entitled to take days off for religious holidays. According to a recent Pew survey, an overwhelming number of Italians, around 70% have a very negative view of Islam. This number is the highest of any European country! Local media usually conflates Islam with terrorism. There are only 8 mosques in the entire Italy to cater for 1.6 Million Muslim population. Hence it is not difficult to see why a public conversion of a high profile politician and ex Mayor has sent shockwaves through Italy.

It is absolutely mind boggling to witness what is happening in the World today. Today I read about a Canadian woman who has travelled all her life to USA on business trips. However a few days ago she was sent back from the border. Her fault was that she was a Muslim. She was asked loads of questions about her faith but the one that grabbed my attention was when she was specifically asked what she thought of Donald Trump…..SERIOUSLY!

May Allah help all Muslims to live in peace and protect them from persecution during today’s difficult times, Ameen!

One thought on “Muslim Hating Right-Wing Italian Politician’s Own Daughter Converts To Islam

  1. Saira Ahmed says:

    Go girl! Alhumdollilah. She was brave to convert to Islam knowing very well what might possibly happen. This is the will of Allah. It’s sad to know that people have such silly views about Islam and there is so much hatred against us. May Allah protect us all. Thank you for this brilliant article, it really brings into insight what is happening in the world.

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